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Africa: Crude Continent

Imprint: Profile Books
Subject: Current Affairs, Politics & Economics

Africa: Crude Continent

The Struggle for Africa's Oil Prize

Duncan Clarke

One of the world's leading strategists on global oil exploration turns his critical eye to Africa's oil prize, to produce this definitive account of the issues and misunderstandings in Africa's oil and gas game.

eBook (ePUB/MOBI)?
9781847654557 (23 Jul 2010)

About the book

Based on thirty years in the global oil game, intimate knowledge of African history and direct experience of over forty countries, this comprehensive book shows that Africa's flaws are not the whole story, when it comes to the continent's history. A definitive yet original account of the rush for Africa's oil, this is also a guide to the hidden face of Africa.

Duncan Clarke begins by placing African oil issues in their historical context before tackling the issues of power, nationalism and different parties' strategies for control that have led to today's oil scene. This book is the ultimate reference work on oil in Africa - which is vital to everyone's future around the world.

About the author

Duncan Clarke is a leading thinker and speaker on the world/Africa oil game, with 40 years' economics practice and extensive experience in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. He is Chairman & CEO of Global Pacific & Partners, a leading Advisory firm in Africa, and on world oil and gas.


The journey with him around Africa is like being shown around the bush by a top safari guide, who offers an always brilliant and stimulating account of the natural world, forcing the listener to look afresh. Of all, he would be my guide, as he provides original analysis and passionate views, which are never dull and always thought-provoking, in a closely argued account informed by an unrivalled knowledge of Africa's oil industry.

- Michael Holman, former Africa editor, Financial Times

If I need to know anything about oil in Africa, I go straight to Crude Continent

- Richard Dowden, director, the Royal African Society

A remarkably complete and authoritative account of the oil industry in the region.

- Nicolas van de Walle, Foreign Affairs Journal (USA)

Clarke's rich yet readable prose offers astute insights as it pulls back the curtain to reveal the political and economic realities now facing Africa.

- Barron’s Magazine

A remarkably complete and authoritative account of the oil industry in the region.

- Foreign

Additional Information

Imprint: Profile Books
Subject: Current Affairs, Politics & Economics