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What will the world look like in 2050 - and how will technology play a part? Read the introduction to Megatech: Technology in 2050 here.Read More

Watch David Harvey, world-renowned scholar on Marxist political thought and author of Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism and The Ways of the World, discuss the future of the USA with writer and academic Evgeny Morozov as part of the Barcelona Initiative on Technological Sovereignty.

In a world in which Donald Trump is President of the United States and the UK is heading towards Brexit, what does this say about the future of neoliberalism -- and what happens now?

You can get David Harvey's latest collection of writings, The Ways of the World, here brand-new in paperback from 19 January.

Watch Mark Stevenson, author of We Do Things Differently: The Outsiders Rebooting Our World, discuss the future of work with the Escape the City programme.

One of the big problems is actually raising yourself out of that box that you're in -- that you've been put in, perhaps unknowingly -- and going 'What is the big picture? What do I care about? What are the questions that I need to be asking about the future of society?

You can learn more and buy Mark's latest book here.

Futurist Mark Stevenson takes us on a tour of the incredible things that are happening in the world of innovation, from Brazilian favelas to high tech Boston, from rural India to a shed inventor in England's home counties. Read an extract

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And now for our glorious paperbacks! We're talking Mary Beard, Shakespeare, Jim Al-Khalili... All the names you want to find under the tree on Christmas Day. 30% off + free UK p&p on everything until 15th December.

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From Alan Bennett to Bernie Sanders to Susan Hill, here's our hardback Christmas gift guide for 2016. Buy with 30% off + free UK p&p

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Watch Alan Bennett read extracts - some hilarious, some touching, some bizarre - from his new collection of diaries, Keeping On Keeping On.Read More

The Costa Book Awards shortlists are out and we're thrilled that Francesca Simon's The Monstrous Child is nominated in the children's category

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Alan Bennett's Diaries, a new documentary about the author, was broadcast in cinemas with a live Q&A from Alan's local library in Primrose Hill - catch up with the action hereRead More

Editorial and rights assistant Louisa Dunnigan gives us an insight into Bernie Sanders' Our Revolution, which calls on readers to 'mobilise, educate and fight back at every instance'.

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Is there anyone out there? Jim Al-Khalili and a team of 19 scientists answer life's biggest question in ALIENS. Jim tells all

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Ryan Holiday's new book gives the reader a daily dose of invaluable stoicism. Want more? Here's his very Stoic reading list

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On publication day of Alan Bennett's brand-new collection of diaries, Keeping On Keeping On, catch up on all the action from our celebration of his life's work as part of our #BestofBennett.Read More

So you've picked your Halloween read. But have you considered where to read it for maximum spooks? This reader did.

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How many submissions did we receive last year? What genre were they? Is it helpful to send us three short stories a day? Find out in here...

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The authors of Why Deals Fail and How to Rescue Them answer quetsions about their book - including what makes it different to others on the subject of mergers and acquisitions.

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Former Labour minister Chris Mullin writes on what led to Corbyn becoming leader, and why it's now time for him to go.Read More
Watch the trailer for The Glass Wall - and spot it in cinemas tooRead More

Sue Unerman and Kathryn Jacob offer their top tips for smashing the glass wall in the workplace

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Some of our favourite facts from perennial bestseller, the Economist's Pocket World in FiguresRead More

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