We are delighted to announce the April 26th release of our first literary, interactive book app, FRANKENSTEIN. Designed specifically for iPad and iPhone, the app has been adapted by best-selling author Dave Morris in conjunction with inkle, a Cambridge (UK)-based software and creative design company specialising in interactive stories.

As a work of interactive literature, Frankenstein will be the first in a new generation of e-books, bringing a classic novel to a new audience. Mary Shelley’s original has been enhanced with graphics and re-set in revolutionary France. It provides a new interactive reading experience based on the original text, uncovering new depths to one of the world’s most powerful classic stories.

It will sell for £2.99 via the Apple AppStore and will be available for use on iPads and iPhones.

Over the centuries Frankenstein has inspired films, plays and dozens of imaginative ventures — from graphic novels to musicals. Now it is the inspirational source behind a new artform – a digital literary experience which is also a new way of re-telling the classics.

Profile Books has worked with award-winning novelist and writer for computer games, Dave Morris, and Inkle Studios, a Cambridge-based software and story-telling company.
The result is the first in a new generation of e-books that take full advantage of the interactive possibilities of platforms like the iPhone and iPad.

‘Maybe you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books from the 70s and 80s’ says Morris. ‘If so, put those right out of your mind. Frankenstein isn’t a game. It’s not about winning or losing or solving puzzles. It’s a literary experience where the reader can explore the text, creating a unique and personal experience of this rightly world-famous work. As the plot unfolds, you will develop a personal relationship with the main characters. That’s why we’re describing it as interactive literature — it’s a truly new kind of novel for the digital age.

inkle is a Cambridge-based software and creative design company specialising in interactive stories, founded by former Sony Playstation designers Joseph Humfrey and Jon Ingold. This is their first literary app.

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