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Join us to hear consultant and former advisor to Tony Blair on strategy, Nick Lovegrove, as he explores six simple, unorthodox skills that will enable more success in your personal and professional life. In today's increasingly complex and interconnected world, companies seek specialists, not generalists. We're pressured from an early age to specialise, from business to the arts and education to sports. However the consultant Nick Lovegrove argues that's a mistake: Complexity demands breadth, which means our organisations and professional lives are headed in the wrong direction. We're enthralled by the "10,000-hour rule", but have a working life of 75,000 hours or more, and that offers a chance to broaden our knowledge. In this talk, Nick will explore the ideas from his recent book, The Mosaic Principle, that the complex multidimensional challenges we face in modern life and society are better dealt with by a broad approach, by examining six dimensions of the successful generalist: moral compass, intellectual thread, transferable skills, extended networks, contextual intelligence and a prepared mind. The Mosaic Principle shows how a jack-of-all-trades can be a master of some, and how unleashing our curiosity and broadening our experience will develop the mosaic of skills we need to make the most of ourselves and our careers in work and life.Read More
Having been elected as an MP at 39 years old Chris Mullin served in three governmental departments and chaired the Home Affairs Select Committee between 1987-2010. He plunders his diaries of the period to offer an insider's view of the Blair years and the rise and fall of New Labour.Read More

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