Journeys across the frontiers between species. Charles explores the world through animal perspectives - as a badger in Wales, otter in Devon, fox in London's East End, and as a swift.Read More
Wednesday 10th February will allow us to experience Fashion on the Ration! with JULIE SUMMERS. With the help of models, Julie will offer a snapshot of life during the Second World War in an adaptation of her recent exhibition. Audiences will also recognise Julie's work from the ITV dramatisation of her novel Jambusters, titled 'Home Fires'.Read More
Join best selling author, Gavin Francis at the Dundee Central Library on Thursday the 11th of February when he will be discussing his new book, Adventures in Human Being!Read More
We are delighted to welcome Gavin Francis on the release of the paperback of Adventures in Human Being. Drawing on his experiences as a doctor, Francis blends stories from the clinic with reflections on the way the body has been imagined and understood over the millennia. A fascinating speaker, an evening not to be missed! 'Moving, mesmerising and memorable' The Economist.Read More
In this special event for the How to Academy based on her new book History's People the internationally acclaimed historian Margaret MacMillan will present pen-portraits of the historical individuals who she believes deserve our recognition and understanding.Read More
What was the bolt of energy that ignited life on this planet? Why are there only two sexes? Why do we age and die? Evolutionary biochemist Nick Lane talks to geneticist and presenter of Radio 4's Inside Science, Dr Adam Rutherford, about the theories he expounds in The Vital Question, which some suggest could be as influential as the Copernican Revolution.Read More
Professor Margaret MacMillan interrogates the past with fellow-historian Antony Beevor to consider the role of individuals and their behaviour. In her thought-provoking new book, History's People, Margaret MacMillan considers the impact of character and personality on historical events, analysing the interplay between individuals and their worlds, from Roosevelt to Nixon, Lord Beaverbrook to Margaret Thatcher, Bismarck to Victor Klemperer.Read More
Come hear Dr. Gavin Francis talk about his much acclaimed new book 'Adventures in Human Being', a journey through the human body, an adventure into what it means to be human. Gavin leads us through a cultural map of the body, taking in health and illness, and offers insights on everything from the ribbed surface of the brain to the secret workings of the heart and the womb, from the pulse of life at the wrist to the unique engineering of the foot. Drawing on his experiences as a physician and writer, he blends first-hand case studies with reflections on the way the body has been imagined and portrayed over millennia. Gavin Francis is a Scottish physician and writer. He was raised in Fife, Scotland, and now lives in Edinburgh where he works as a GP. His 2012 book Empire Antarctica: Ice, Silence & Emperor Penguins was named the 2013 Scottish Book of the Year.Read More
Margaret MacMillan and Tom Holland discuss the ways in which history has been re-written to serve the purposes of political leaders or regimes, from Ancient Greece to Communist Russia. Chair: Peter Stothard.Read More
Words by the Water in Keswick, Cumbria is the north west of England's premier festival of words and ideas.Read More
Distinguished historian Margaret MacMillan interrogates the past to discover how the personalities and behaviours of powerful individuals can affect millions, for better or worse.Read More
If the body is a foreign country, then to practise medicine is to explore new territory. Edinburgh GP Gavin Francis reflects upon ways the body has been imagined and portrayed over millennia. He tells stories from his clinic and discusses what it means to be human. Words by the Water in Keswick, Cumbria is north west England's premier festival of words and ideas.Read More
No one really experienced emotions before 1830 - they felt 'passions' or 'accidents of the soul'. Research Fellow at Queen Mary University of London's Centre for the History of the Emotions, Tiffany Watt Smith asks why we feel the way we do and reveals the strange forces that shape our internal worlds.Read More
Researcher and 2014 BBC New Generation Thinker Tiffany Watt Smith takes an entertaining and thought-provoking A-Z look at human emotions. Watt Smith draws on history, anthropology, science, art, literature, music and popular culture to explain a range of human emotions. They include gezellig - the Dutch word that explains the cosy feeling from being inside on a winter's night surrounded by food and good friends - and basorexia - the sudden urge to kiss someone. She explains how each emotion has its own story and how they influence every area of our lives. Watt Smith is research fellow at the Queen Mary Centre for the History of the Emotions, and was a 2014 BBC New Generation Thinker. She worked as a theatre director for seven years including as associate director at Arcola Theatre and at the Royal Court.Read More
John Kay at the Oxford Literary FestivalRead More
Naturalist Charles Foster explains how he spent time living as an animal to explore properly the worlds animals occupy, and to grapple with the beast that lives in all of us.Read More
John Kay is a visiting professor at the London School of Economics, and a Fellow of St John's College, Oxford. He is a director of several public companies and contributes a weekly column to the Financial Times. He chaired the UK government review of Equity Markets which reported in 2012 recommending substantial reforms. Joris Luyendijk is a Dutch non-fiction author, news correspondent, and talk show host.Read More

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