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EXPLORING SOUND, MUSIC AND LOSS Incredible loss and the slow journey back to equilibrium connects these authors. Bella Bathurst began to go deaf 20 years ago, but in 2009 a revelation occurred leading her to explore our relationship with sound and Sound is the result. Musical prodigy Min Kym had the world at her feet when her rare Stradivarius was stolen. Gone is her tale of how she managed to play music again without her beloved instrument. Chaired by Jane Fowler.Read More
Every day across the globe, sexual orientation and gender identity leads to discrimination, violence, imprisonment, torture or even execution and Amnesty International campaigns so that everyone can enjoy full human rights protections. Today, Festival authors including Siri Hustvedt, Denise Mina and Raja Shehadeh read work from LGBTI writers who have been persecuted for their sexuality.Read More
Brave, intelligent and deeply personal, Where the Line is Drawn shows how the Israeli occupation affects every aspect of Palestinian daily life. Raja Shehadeh, Palestine's premier writer and essayist, winner of the 2008 Orwell Prize and founder of the human rights organisation Al-Haq, asks whether bitter enemies can put aside their differences and find a common cause in the name of peace. Chaired by William Sutcliffe.Read More
Will India ever live up to its potential? So much depends, says the Economist's Adam Roberts in Superfast Primetime Ultimate Nation, on just one man. Narendra Modi, India's current Prime Minister, is driven, full of self-belief, insistent that good times are coming, and massively popular. But he's also let India drift dangerously towards intolerance. And will his reforms ever deliver? Chaired by Phil Harding.Read More
THE WRITER WHO INVENTED J T LEROY In a fascinating exercise in public therapy, US author Laura Albert places herself on the couch to explore the motivations that led her to develop the persona of Jeremiah 'Terminator' Leroy (J T Leroy). Leading the session is acclaimed writer and psychotherapist Susie Orbach, whose book and BBC radio series In Therapy lays bare the therapeutic process as it has never been revealed before.Read More
With the world's population heading for the 10 billion mark, it's clear that our established models for education, health, food supply and energy production are crumbling under the strain. Futurologist Mark Stevenson has traversed the globe in search of those who seek to reboot our structures, while Raoul Martinez believes our notion of what freedom means has to undergo a serious transformation. Hear the authors exchange mind-expanding ideas and arguments.Read More
Major technological changes appear to occur on a monthly basis, so predicting what the future will look like in a couple of years seems like an impossible task. The Economist's executive editor Daniel Franklin is unafraid of a challenge and is here to talk about the technology of 2050. He reveals how scientists, academics and innovators of all types are pondering the shape of things to comeRead More
A much-decorated soldier, General Sir Richard Dannatt is a leading authority on military and defence issues. His distinguished service in Northern Ireland and Kosovo, and his role at the head of the British Army, make him uniquely qualified to tell the fascinating story of how the British Army has shaped, and been shaped by, world events. Today, he introduces Boots on the Ground, his new book examining its history since 1945. Chaired by Sheena McDonald.Read More
For decades we've been told there's something out there. Jim Al-Khalili, host of Radio 4's The Life Scientific and an inaugural winner of the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication, has been gathering the latest word from within the science community about those little green folks (if that's what they'll look like) and their potential existence. An enthusiastic speaker, Al-Khalili brings us his new book, Aliens.Read More
Professor David Crystal makes a welcome return to the festival to champion the cause of English grammar. A leading expert in the field of language, David works as a writer, editor, lecturer and broadcaster, and has had over 100 books published. His new book, Making Sense, is the glamorous story of English grammar. How can this be? Come and see how grammar can be made to come alive and become intriguing and relevant to everyone, including young children. The Times described David's depiction of child development as 'only one of the attractions of this engaging account of the history and structure of language.'Read More

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