Feeling under the weather? Got the January blues? Then you've come to the right place. With help from Linda Geddes' new book Chasing the Sun, we'll be fighting SAD until spring.

As Linda Geddes writes: ‘Being out in the sun, we are starting to understand, can lower our blood pressure, calm our immune system and even alter our mood ... We evolved on a rotating planet, when day was day and night was night: it’s time to reconnect with those extremes.’


Next week, when many of you will be returning to work, and spending much more time indoors, we'll be setting you daily (very easy) challenges to help increase the sunshine in your life.

Did you know:

 Even on the gloomiest day, it is ten times brighter outside than in your office?
• Light therapy is being used to alleviate the symptoms of dementia?
• Children grow faster in the spring and summer - and so does hair?

Here's how you can join in, beginning on Monday. Join us on Twitter and Instagram 

Sun week