Today is the publication date of History Repeating - political analyst Sam Wilkin's funny, comprehensive analysis of the state Western politics is currently in, using case studies from around the world.

From Russia to Thailand via Argentina and the USA, Wilkin shows us the hidden rules of political instability and explains how to use the past to predict where we're headed in the future. Read on to get an exclusive peek at the introduction. Let us know what you think on Twitter, and you can buy the book here.

Most of the time, politics is boring. In most countries, the Average Joe rules. Extremists of the left and right gnash their teeth but serious politicians know they desert the centre ground at their peril. It's the iron law of electoral politics.

That is, in normal times. What about times when the centre can't hold: when the extremists take back control and set about making their country great again?

At such moments, the best guide to the future is the past. Political chaos might be scary but it isn't all that chaotic. In fact, as risk analyst Sam Wilkin reveals in History Repeating, it has hidden rules.

Beneath the noise and confusion of history, from Lenin and Khomeini to Trump and Brexit, there are patterns. The same drama plays out again and again, with minor variations. It isn't the story you think you know. It contains surprises and profound mysteries. But once you have seen the inner logic of the past century's political disasters, you might just be ready to face the interesting times to come.

You can get a copy of this fascinating guide here - and read the introduction below.

Get your copy here of this indispensible guide to the political turmoil ahead.