St Pancras Old Church is where Mary Wollstonecraft & William Godwin married, where Mary Shelley first declared her love for Percy Shelley, and where Wollstonecraft, Godwin and Mary Shelley are now memorialised. The tomb brings visitors from far and wide and there are regular tours in the vicinity about the two Marys.


So it’s the perfect place for our In Search of Mary Shelley display, celebrating the publication fo the paperback edition of Fiona Sampson's acclaimed biography.

Pop in and you'll find a tartan tablecloth (Mary famously wore an avant-garde tartan dress at the age of 16 when first glimpsed by Percy) with information & extract cards about key characters - from Mary and her parents to Percy Shelley, Lord Byron and Mary's step-sister, Claire Clairmont - the Somers Town district and St Pancras Old Church, postcards for people to take away and a reading copy of the book. Snap a picture & share it on social media and you can enter to win a copy.

Mary shelley display

Read an extract from In Search of Mary Shelley below

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'‘Is this the way my beloved that we are to live?’ Mary asks Percy, in the very first of her letters to survive. It’s late October 1814, fewer than six weeks since the lovers returned from their aborted trip to Switzerland. Mary is writing from rented rooms in a house overlooking the familiar graveyard at Old St Pancras Church. From where she sits she can even see the trees surrounding her mother’s grave. She must feel as though she’s tried to take flight, only to crash back to where she started. For all that her mother is a touchstone for Mary’s self-belief, Wollstonecraft’s grave belongs among her earliest childhood memories: as we’ve seen, the spot is linked to the time before her father remarried, when she and Fanny still imagined they had him all to themselves. The scene of her recent courtship, it must also remind her of that short period in which she dreamed, too, that she could have Percy entirely to herself.'