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Watch our beautiful animation of the cover of Jack Hartnell's Medieval Bodies

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Founder of The Velominati & co-author of The Hardmen Frank Strack tells us about some of the toughest cyclists of all time.

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Watch David Harvey, world-renowned scholar on Marxist political thought and author of Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism and The Ways of the World, discuss the future of the USA with writer and academic Evgeny Morozov as part of the Barcelona Initiative on Technological Sovereignty.

In a world in which Donald Trump is President of the United States and the UK is heading towards Brexit, what does this say about the future of neoliberalism -- and what happens now?

You can get David Harvey's latest collection of writings, The Ways of the World, here brand-new in paperback from 19 January.

Watch Mark Stevenson, author of We Do Things Differently: The Outsiders Rebooting Our World, discuss the future of work with the Escape the City programme.

One of the big problems is actually raising yourself out of that box that you're in -- that you've been put in, perhaps unknowingly -- and going 'What is the big picture? What do I care about? What are the questions that I need to be asking about the future of society?

You can learn more and buy Mark's latest book here.

Watch Alan Bennett read extracts - some hilarious, some touching, some bizarre - from his new collection of diaries, Keeping On Keeping On.Read More

Watch the animations from the only short introduction to art in history you'll ever need, by Martin Kemp, Emeritus Professor of the History of Art, Oxford University.

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Watch Eugenia Cheng carve a Möbius strip out of a bagelRead More

Watch animations from the animated ebook Shakespeare by Paul Edmondson.

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A guide to modern manners by Sandi Toksvig, you say? Yes, please. Thank you!Read More

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