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Breakfast With Socrates

Imprint: Profile Books
Subject: Philosophy & Ideas

Breakfast With Socrates

The philosophy of everyday life

Robert Rowland Smith

A journey through an ordinary day in the company of some extraordinary ideas - the book of the 2008 Frankfurt Book Fair that's already destined to be an international bestseller

eBook (ePUB/MOBI)?
9781847652089 (6 Aug 2010)

About the book

What does it mean to be awake? What exactly is therapeutic about retail therapy? And what are you really working on when you're at your desk, in the gym, or having dinner? From getting ready in the morning, through heading to work, going to a party, having sex and falling back to sleep, Breakfast with Socrates provides an hour-by-hour commentary on what history's greatest philosophers have said about the meaning behind everything we do.

A fascinating exploration of our daily lives, Breakfast with Socrates also draws on literature, art, politics and psychology to offer an informal introduction to the history of ideas that will help anyone to think more healthily. Breakfast will never be the same again...

About the author

Robert Rowland Smith was for ten years a Prize Fellow at All Souls College, Oxford, and is a consultant, lecturer and writer on philosophy, literature and psychoanalysis. He is a frequent contributor to the Independent and the Philosophy Bites podcast series, and features regularly on the radio discussing philosophy and our everyday lives.


Philosophy made accessible and applied to the quotidian...manages to be funny without underestimating the reader.

- Financial Times

Smith's book is structured around a day, interrogating activities such as waking up, commuting, going to the doctor, watching TV, or partying.

- The Guardian

it's hard not to recommend someone who provides you with an argument for not going to the gym, for promoting the power of using the TV remote control and letting your parents pay for lunch!

- Sue Magee, Bookbag

The ancient philosophers - and the author - bring meaning to your day...What has philosophy to do with work? What could Kant's transcendentalism, Hegel's dialectic or even Marx's materialism have to say about the daily grind? Well, this book demonstrates that the wisdom of the sages reveals much.

- Management Today

Smith has written a remarkable book, which goes through the seemingly mundane events of a day - waking up, having a bath, commuting, reading a book, and so on - and explores them with a philosophical eye to see what insights might be gleaned...joyously wise.

- Church Times

Additional Information

Imprint: Profile Books
Subject: Philosophy & Ideas