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Brothers at War

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Imprint: Profile Books
Subject: History & Classics
Illustrations: with ills

Brothers at War

The Unending Conflict in Korea

Sheila Miyoshi Jager

A major new history told from all sides, to coincide with the sixtieth anniversary of the armistice in the Korean War.

eBook (ePUB/MOBI)?
9781847652027 (20 Jun 2013)

About the book

In this blockbusting trade debut, distinguished American professor Sheila Miyoshi Jager interweaves international events and previously unknown personal accounts to give a brilliant new history of the war, its aftermath and its global impact told from American, Korean, Soviet and Chinese sides. This is the first account to examine not only the military, but the social and political aspects of the war across the whole region - and it takes the story up to the present day: for the current wrangles are part of a conflict that has been ongoing for more than seventy years.

Drawing on newly accessible diplomatic archives and reports from South Korea's Truth and Reconciliation Comission, Jager not only analyses top-level military strategy but also depicts on-the-ground atrocities committed by both side that have never been revealed. The most accessible, up-to-date and balanced account yet written, rich with maps and illustrations, Brothers at War is the thrilling and highly original debut of a historian comparable to Max Hastings or Antony Beevor. It will become the definitive chronicle of the struggle's origins, aftermath, and global impact for years to come.

As North Korea enters the headlines again on the 60th anniversary of the armistice, this book provides a vital and comprehensive account of a war between brothers that shaped the current crisis.

'I entered the prison and walked around and discovered the corpses; they were black and covered with flies. I couldn't believe how cruelly these civilians were killed. I thought that it didn't matter whether this was done by the Communists or by our own troops -- it represented the sorrow of a weak people, the tragedy of a civil war.' Yi Chun-yong, a South Korean prison guard recalls a massacre scene at Taejon prison in 1950

About the author

Sheila Miyoshi Jager is Luce Associate Professor and Director of East Asian Studies at Oberlin College, Ohio. She has written extensively on modern and contemporary Korean politics and history and is the author and co-editor of two previous books on Korea and East Asia. She lives in Oberlin with her husband and children.


Insightful, in-depth, and much needed, this book is required reading for anyone who hopes to understand the situation in Korea

- Publishers Weekly important contribution to Cold War scholarship

- Paul French, Literary Review

An ambitious, engrossing, and often disturbing history of the conflict ... a superbly researched work that should be an essential tool in understanding the current crisis on the peninsula

- Booklist

Professor Jager has written a fresh, insightful study of the Korean War that begins in 1945 and follows the war's impact into the twenty-first century. This book is the best one-volume study of the war in all its cultural, political, and military aspects.

- Allan R. Millett, author of They Came From the North: The Korean War, 1950-1951

This is a magnificent book-deeply researched and written with real feeling and insight into the complex internal and external conditions that produced a brutal war and perpetuated Korea's division to the present day.

- William Stueck, author of The Korean War: An International History

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Imprint: Profile Books
Subject: History & Classics
Illustrations: with ills

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