Darwin's Angel

Imprint: Profile Books
Pages: 176
Subject: Philosophy & Ideas

Darwin's Angel

An angelic riposte to The God Delusion

John Cornwell

Richard Dawkins' apologia for atheism has attracted huge attention, and sales, all over the world. In a telling critique cast in the classical form of a letter to Dawkins John Cornwell takes issue with it. 'Monkeys make men ... Men make angels' - Charles Darwin

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9781846680656 (25 Sep 2008)

About the book

The God Delusion is a clarion call to the faithless, the waverers, and even firm religious believers, to follow the author into radical atheism not merely as a private conviction but as a public profession. Wouldn't humankind be better off without religion, he asks. John Cornwell's Darwin's Angel is not so much a combative repudiation of Dawkins' arguments as a playful conversation with them, posing alternative view-points, exposing lapses in logic and errors of fact, from the vantage point of a friendly Guardian Angel.

About the author

John Cornwell's books include Hitler's Pope and, most recently, Seminary Boy. He is Director of the Science and Human Dimension Project at Jesus College, Cambridge


A piece of sheer heaven. It kicks Richard Dawkins's self-aggrandising polemic, The God Delusion, into touch with featherlight footwork and is deliciously wise, witty and intellectually sharp into the bargain.

- The Times

Cornwell has done an excellent job in providing a book that should, in an ideal world, be sold taped to every copy of The God Delusion as an essential corrective.

- Independent

Elegantly written.

- Sunday Times

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Imprint: Profile Books
Pages: 176
Subject: Philosophy & Ideas

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