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From Village School to Global Brand

Imprint: Profile Books
Subject: Business & Management

From Village School to Global Brand

Changing the World through Education

James Tooley

The definitive history of SABIS®, the organisation that is changing the world through education

eBook (ePUB/MOBI)?
9781847657923 (14 Jun 2012)

About the book

Can education be run as a profitable business and still be driven by a humanitarian vision? SABIS® shows the answer is yes. Now with 60 schools in 15 countries and over 60,000 students, SABIS® is a global education company committed to improving lives. The book is a journey through time - tracing the company from its humble origins in 1886 Mount Lebanon, through the civil war to the present day. It's also a journey through geographies, from Kurdistan to Katrina - from the first international schools in war-torn northern Iraq, to the first charter school to reopen after the hurricane devastated inner city New Orleans.

SABIS® goes where other educational providers are unwilling to tread, helping to rebuild lives shattered by war and natural disaster. It's finally a journey through the minds of committed educators, watching as they grapple with the fundamental question of how we educate young people in the virtues that have stood the test of time, whilst still enabling them to be prepared for a future of unknown possibilities.

About the author

James Tooley is a professor of education policy at Newcastle university, where he directs the E. G. West Centre. He is currently chairman of education companies in Ghana and China creating embryonic chains of low cost private schools. He is the author of numerous books on education including The Beautiful Tree: A personal journey into how the world's poorest people are educating themselves, and Educational Equality which he co-authored.


Praise for The Beautiful Tree: 'It is an argument that anyone in the field of education - especially those involved in policy decisions - should consider seriously, and soon.

- Publishers Weekly

In this engaging and inspirational book, Professor Tooley presents the story of one of the most enduring and committed players in the education field.

- Harry Patrinos, Lead Education Economist, The World Bank

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Imprint: Profile Books
Subject: Business & Management