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Aarathi Prasad spent a year in India carrying out research for her new book, The Bonesetter's Waiting Room.  See photos from her trip with commentary from Aarathi.

We're delighted to announce the publication of Francesca Simon's new book, The Monstrous Child.

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Watch the animations from the only short introduction to art in history you'll ever need, by Martin Kemp, Emeritus Professor of the History of Art, Oxford University.

Watch Eugenia Cheng carve a Möbius strip out of a bagel

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Charles Foster will be in conversation with Guardian nature writer Patrick Barkham about his acclaimed book Being a Beast.
Adam Kurcharski at the Stoke Newington Literary Festival
In conjunction with the Oxford Festival of Nature 2016 we welcome natural history writers and passionate environmentalists Charles Foster and Hugh Warwick to Waterstones. Charles Foster "I think I got closer to foxes than anyone else." Hugh Warwick and Charles Foster both in their way represent a particular sort of British eccentricity. Yet, beyond the humor so evident in both their works, there can also be found important questions about our relationship with nature, the destructive and terrible mess humanity is making of the countryside and, ultimately, what it means to be human.