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Imprint: Profile Books
Pages: 272
Subject: Health & Wellbeing


The One-Stop Guide

Kathy Abernethy

A practical guide to understanding and living with the menopause

9781781258729 (18 Jan 2018)

About the book

The menopause is a natural event, but for many women it represents a time of hormonal upheaval and uncomfortable symptoms. It can happen at any age, and the journey through it may feel a bit rocky.

Menopause: The One-Stop Guide explains the changes which are occurring and advises on steps one can take to make life easier during this time of change. With clear and sensible information about recognising symptoms, getting help, treatment and staying positive, this guide will help those who are going through menopause, and family members who wish to better understand and offer their support.

This book evaluates the best approaches to the menopause and offers women all the information they need to determine whether medication, holistic remedies or other forms of treatment will work best for them, and helps them to take charge of their health.

Kathy Abernethy is the chair of the British Menopause Society with over 20 years of clinical experience.

About the author

Kathy Abernethy works as part of an award-winning menopause team in London and at a private clinic in South West London. She holds a Masters degree in reproductive women's health and speaks and writes regularly on the topic of menopause. She has authored a book for nurses on Menopause and HRT as well as numerous articles which have appeared in Woman's Weekly, Now, Essentials, Saga and Yours magazines. Kathy raises awareness of the impact of menopause at work by delivering workplace sessions to staff and managers of various organisations throughout the UK and in 2017, was elected as chair of the British Menopause Society, the lead professional organisation for those working in menopause.


A welcome addition to the range of material now available to help women understand their menopause. Kathy Abernethy [...] understands that menopause is an intensely personal experience and offers thoughtful advice for treatment and lifestyle options. The book is especially helpful in providing clear definitions, answers to frequently asked questions and more than 200 anonymised quotes from patients [...]. This all gels into an easily digestible format that will inform, reassure and guide women through this inevitable stage of their lives.

- British Menopause Society Medical Advisory Council

Additional Information

Imprint: Profile Books
Pages: 272
Subject: Health & Wellbeing

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