Beyond Grief ()


A warm, practical guide for the bereaved.

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It is the most natural thing in the world to grieve for someone who has died, but people experience grief in many different ways and the symptoms are not always recognised for what they are. This book, with its warm, practical approach, can provide the help that is often needed to come through.
From her own experience of grief and from her professional work as a grief consultant, Carol Staudacher reaches out to help the grieving understand and come to terms with their feelings. They may go through stages of disbelief, anger, guilt, fear, despair and confusion, and they need to realise that there is nothing shameful about any of these, that they can be rechannelled into positive, healing emotions.
Each type of loss brings its own particular grief. In each case the author discusses frankly and sympathetically all aspects of the grieving process, even those that people may hesitate to air in public. She encourages the reader to talk and write about the bereavement, showing how friends and families can help each other, and she gives practical advice on the legal and financial matters that may arise.
Filling a huge gap in the literature on bereavement, Beyond Grief will bring comfort and hope at a time when it is most needed. It looks at grief in the raw and helps the bereaved person to face life with renewed strength and optimism.