Building A Better Business ()


Mr Dixon has a heavyweight reputation in the business world with the Wall Street Journal hailing him as a "global change guru" … One of the most stimulating and challenging reads in this field for a very long time.

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How to build a better business by one of today's most influential business thinkers. Starting from the premise that people's attitudes to business have changed: both the role businesses should play in the world and how individuals can achieve a better work-life balance, this book shows how you can build a better and more successful business and achieve more satisfaction in the process. With chapters on better ways to win and keep customers, better kinds of products and services, better brands for lasting value, better marketing, better public relations and publicity, better leadership, better ways to organise, better ways to make things happen, better teams and better targets, goals and incentives, it is an intensely practical and also inspirational guide to how you can build a better future for your business and yourself. Click here for the author's website.