Mathematical Intelligence (Epub)


A fascinating exploration of a surprising advantage that humans have over our incoming robot masters: we're actually good at maths

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FROM THE PRESENTER OF THE TEDx TALK 'You weren't bad at maths – you just weren't looking at it the right way'

'Compelling and wonderfully readable'
– Ian Stewart, bestselling author of Seventeen Equations that Changed the World

'AI is powerful, but human thinking is differently powerful, and Junaid Mubeen deftly shows us how' – Eugenia Cheng, author of How to Bake Pi

There's so much talk about the threat posed by intelligent machines that it sometimes seems as though we should surrender to our robot overlords now. But Junaid Mubeen isn't ready to throw in the towel just yet.

As far as he is concerned, we have the edge over machines because of a remarkable system of thought developed over the millennia. It's familiar to us all, but often badly taught and misrepresented in popular discourse – maths.

Computers are brilliant at totting up sums, pattern-seeking and performing, well, computation. For all things calculation, machines reign supreme. But Junaid identifies seven areas of intelligence where humans can retain a crucial edge. And in exploring these areas, he opens up a fascinating world where we can develop our uniquely human mathematical superpowers.