Sign in Sight ()


Published in the Human Horizons series as a companion title to Cath Smith's hugely successful books Signs Make Sense and Sign Language Companion

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More and more people are attending classes in British Sign Language (BSL), anxious to learn this rich and varied language so unlike spoken English. However, no full communication with the Deaf community is possible for hearing people without some knowledge and understanding of the culture and society which flourishes, unseen, in the midst of the hearing world.
Sign in Sight provides insights into the Deaf world: it helps us comprehend Deaf people's perceptions, values and totally different way of looking at things, based on experiences that are unique to them. It enables us to see what it means to be deaf in a hearing society, and introduces us to some of the interests, preoccupations and social groups within the Deaf community.
The book, with juxtaposed signs and textual information, highlights the essential differences while at the same time illuminating a world of visually based communication and thought processes.
For those learning BSL, Sign in Sight combines with Signs Make Sense to encourage closer links between the hearing and Deaf communities at all levels. It will also prove invaluable to families with young deaf children, enabling them to prepare their son or daughter for life in both the Deaf and hearing worlds.