Something in the Cellar (Hardback)


Welcome to Something in the Cellar….Ronald Searle's Wonderful World of Wine

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Have you ever witnessed the Ancient, Noble (and Secret) Ceremony of Slashing the Trockenbeerenauslese? Have you attended the Vinolympics? Tasted Ptolemy Nouveau? Watched the Uncorking of the Kangarouge?
Unless you can answer 'yes' to at least one of these questions, your initiation into the mysteries of wine and its production has scarcely begun. Let Ronald Searle, in his own inimitable way, introduce you to the time-honoured Wine Ceremonies of the World: from the USA (Blessing the Grapes – California Style) to the Far East (the Japanese Wine Ceremony).
In this international bestseller Ronald Searle enables vintners and wine imbibers throughout the world to experience these mysteries of wine and its production. In his own inimitable style he unveils the secrets of the world's wine ceremonies. If you have ever wondered how many ways there are to open a bottle of wine, you will find them all here. Vintage Searle.