The Law in 60 Seconds (Epub)


Pioneering legal advice for people with no time to lose

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'An indispensable guide to the law and your rights, giving you a lawyer in your pocket for a multitude of legal questions and problems that crop up in everyday life. … Exceptional' – The Secret Barrister
'Brilliant and generous and very necessary' – Sarah Langford, author of In Your Defense
'A triumph of a book. It should form the basis for a national curriculum in law.' – Joanna Hardy-Susskind

From junior barrister Christian Weaver comes an indispensable guide to your basic legal rights.

We engage with the law every day: when we leave the house, and even when we don't, we're bound by rules we don't even notice. Until they're used against us. Knowing our rights means taking control of our lives.

In this handbook, lawyer Christian Weaver brings together everything you need to know to claim your space in the world. Whether you are arguing with your landlord, looking for a refund, going to a protest or being harassed, this essential guide illuminates the full power of the law, and arms you with your rights, including:
– in a relationship
– at home
– out on the street
– when you've spent money, owe it or are owed it

From housing to relationships, police conduct to travel, this guide will give you the confidence and clarity to take control in any situation.