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Pavel Filatyev

The shocking story of the war in Ukraine, told from behind Russian lines

Country Matters

Meg Clothier

A delightful guide to the countryside: full of fascinating facts, local lore and useful advice

Is Maths Real?

Eugenia Cheng

One of the world's most creative mathematicians offers new ways to look at maths – focusing on questions, not answers


Peter Hart

The latest volume in Peter Hart's 'British Band of Brothers' series, combining gripping history with vivid eyewitness testimony

Love in a Time of Hate

Florian Illies

The love lives of famous Europeans, as war approaches – from the bestselling author of 1913

No Bullsh*t Change

Chris Hirst

The no-nonsense guide to change: how to lead it and how to lead through it when the world is still spinning. By the award-winning author of No Bullsh*…

The Invention of Essex

Tim Burrows

The secret history of England's most notorious county

Common or Garden

Ken Thompson

A beautifully illustrated spotter's guide to Britain's most successful 50 wild plants – their names, stories, uses and quirks

The Good Drinker

Adrian Chiles

Discover the unsung pleasures of drinking in moderation, with one of Britain's most engaging broadcaster and columnists

The Observant Walker

John Wright

A personal guide to the food, nature and history to be found all around us when we walk

A Spotter’s Guide to the Countryside

John Wright

A grown-up I-Spy for all those mysterious features of the countryside – from the bestselling author of The Forager's Calendar


Nick Lane

What brings the Earth to life, and our own lives to an end?

Showing 779 results