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What should you read during the apocalypse?

As the world roasts in record-breaking heatwaves and the Government announces plans to start stockpiling food and medicine, it’s time to give this question the serious thought it deserves. So, what should take its place alongside the cans of beans and water purifier? We think you’ll find everything you need in this Profile catalogue. 

In A Farmer’s Diary you’ll discover the best method for delivering a lamb, while The Forager’s Calendar is your indispensable guide to leaves, berries and other seasonal delicacies. Meanwhile, Chasing the Sun will help your body clock adapt to the natural cycle of light and dark
(and explain why that might be better for you anyway). 

It won’t be a walk in the park, and grit and courage won’t be enough on their own – you’ll need smarts as well. For examples of the former, consult Keirin, an insider’s view of Japan’s intensely competitive cycling subculture, but don’t forget to pack The Laws of Human Nature to help you plot, scheme and manipulate your way out of trouble. Survival assured, it’s time to rebuild society. Get a head start on repopulation with The Making of You, a fascinating account of the science of pregnancy – and see what you think of The Goodness Paradox’s thought-provoking ideas about social morality.

In between all this, the idea of Escape from Earth may start to seem pretty tempting, so make sure you bring Fraser MacDonald’s wild tale of the NASA scientists who first worked out how to blast off and leave this all behind.

Happy reading!

Andrew Franklin

Publisher and Managing Director

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