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Profile Catalogue

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Here’s Publisher and MD Andrew Franklin’s introduction to our latest catalogue:

In our Pursuit to find something positive to say about the summer of Brexit, Trump and terror, we have seen A Heavy Reckoning for politicians shown to be no Smarter than a Chimpanzee and have become entangled in thinking about the Fate of the West.

And, to be honest, it’s not a situation that encourages Superfandom of any of our leaders or institutions. Since the Dawn of Christianity we have not seen the world fracture in this way: you could say we have been There and Back Again. But whether you are Making Sense of it all
or simply think ‘Eat Me’, all of us are forced to admit that, today, That’s the Way It Crumbles.

However, before we make some radical decisions and choose a Mafia Life, or escape abroad like the famous Durrells of Corfu, we need to take a stand and figure out Where the Line is Drawn. In times of crisis we publishers turn to books that encourage Self-Reliance and that challenge us to think Beyond Infinity.

So instead of taking the Night Train out of here, we advise you to go Rogue, pay attention to the Sound and Principles of the world around you, to be Mega interesting and to aim for the utopia of a Super-Fast Prime Time Ultimate Nation – like A Greedy Queen reaching for the last slice of pie.