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Imprint: Profile Books
Subject: Reference, Humour & Gift


Secrets and clues from a life in words

David Astle

A warm, funny and fascinating memoir told through a cryptic crossword

eBook (ePUB/MOBI)?
9781847658166 (1 Nov 2012)

About the book

As a child, David Astle's hero was the Riddler. Figuring out brainteasers like 'Where is a man drowned but still not wet?' (quicksand) and 'How many sides has a circle?' (two - the inside and the outside) became an obsession and, eventually, his life: his cryptic crosswords now appear in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald every week, to the delight and frustration of thousands.

In Puzzled, Astle offers a helping hand to the perplexed and the infatuated alike, taking us on a personal tour into the secret life of words. Beginning with a Master Puzzle, he leads us through each of the clues, chapter by chapter, revealing the secrets of anagrams, double meanings, manipulations, spoonerisms and hybrid clues. More than a how-to manual and more than a memoir, Puzzled is a book for word junkies everywhere.

About the author

David Astle is a Melbourne-based writer of non-fiction, fiction and drama. He co-hosts Letters and Numbers (the Australian version of Countdown) as the dictionary expert, and his crosswords appear in Australian papers The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.


A fascinating and cleverly original collection of brain-teasers into which we can all (including me!) dip with great pleasure.

- Colin Dexter, creator of Inspector Morse

I used to regret not being born Catholic because it meant I'd been denied the joys of self-flagellation. Then I discovered DA and he solved my problem.

- Bill Leak, cartoonist for The Australian (and anagram of Killable)

He's the Sergeant Pepper of cryptic crosswords. A complete mindf**k.

- Geoffrey Rush, actor and anagram of 'Gruffy Heroes'

Additional Information

Imprint: Profile Books
Subject: Reference, Humour & Gift

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