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Sew Your Own

Imprint: Profile Books
Subject: Biography & Memoir

Sew Your Own

Man finds happiness and meaning of life - making clothes

John-Paul Flintoff

What happens when a man, dazzled like most of us by hi-tech, happy to have his suits made by robots in New York, sets out to find the meaning of life?
John-Paul Flintoff's improbable and very funny book charts a journey through call centres and allotments, rat-catching and Savile Row tailors, to some kind of enlightenment. It is also a book about a man who learns how to crochet - in public.

eBook (ePUB/MOBI)?
9781847652775 (26 May 2011)

About the book

John-Paul Flintoff is a bit of a one-off: a man who embarks on a spiritual pilgrimage by outsourcing his life to Bangalore, then hooks up with Mormons and Buddhists (well, Richard Gere), on a quest for truth and fulfilment. His journey is like a twenty-first century Candide, learning that life's satisfactions, and some kind of response to the concerns of economic meltdown and climate change, lie in learning how to make things for oneself, and mending things that fall apart.

Along the way, Flintoff paints pictures with Brit-art oddball Billy Childish, gets apprenticed in Savile Row, grows his own food and spins fibre from nettles. Daringly, he also turns his book over to his wife Harriet, who likes nothing better than a fancy spa and a shop at Liberty's.

The results are comic, heartwarming and inspiring.

About the author

John-Paul Flintoff is a feature writer for the Sunday Times, and author of Comp: a Survivor's Tale. As well as writing, he has worked as a bin man, executive PA, scuba diver, taxi driver, undertaker, amateur boxer and rat catcher. He lives in London with his wife, Harriet, and daughter, Nancy, whom he torments by making and wearing his own clothes.


This is my kind of book: how to make sense of the modern world. Hats off!

- Chris Stewart

Very funny - I hope it does well

- Jane Garvey, Woman’s Hour

Wonderful, amazing, funny and warm!

- Tom Hodgkinson

I don't really understand what you are doing but I wish you every success

- Vivienne Westwood

Praise for Comp: Hilarious, hair-raising narrative - supremely entertaining

- Daily Telegraph

Additional Information

Imprint: Profile Books
Subject: Biography & Memoir