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The Economist Guide To Supply Chain Management

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Imprint: Economist Books
Subject: Business & Management

The Economist Guide To Supply Chain Management

David Jacoby

How getting it right boosts corporate performance

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9781847652201 (17 Sep 2010)

About the book

Globalisation, technology and an increasingly competitive business environment have encouraged huge changes in what is known as supply chain management, the art of sourcing components and delivering finished goods to the customer as cost effectively and efficiently as possible.

Dell transformed the way people bought and were able to customise computers. Wal-Mart and Tesco have used their huge buying power and logistical skills to ensure the supply and stock management of their stores is finely honed. Manufacturers now make sure that components are where they are needed on the production line just in time for when they are needed and no longer.

Such finessing of the way the supply chain works boosts the corporate bottom line and can make the difference between being a market leader or an also ran. This guide explores all the different aspects of supply chain management and gives hundreds of real life examples of what firms have achieved in the field.

About the author

David Jacoby is President of Boston Strategies International Inc., a global consulting firm that provides industry research, cost and pricing analysis, and supply chain strategy advice.

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Imprint: Economist Books
Subject: Business & Management

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