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The Little Book of Yes

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Imprint: Profile Books
Pages: 136
Subject: Business & Management

The Little Book of Yes

How to win friends, boost your confidence and persuade others

Noah Goldstein, Steve Martin, Robert B. Cialdini

The pocket-sized companion to the international bestseller Yes! that brings persuasive science into all areas of your life

Paperback(Preorder only)
9781788160568 (Published 2 Aug 2018)

About the book

From the authors of the international bestseller Yes!

This travel-sized handbook will become your go-to key for ensuring that the world says 'yes' to you, your ideas and your requests.

We all want to hear 'yes'. 'Yes' connects us to the world, and carries us into the future. So why do we find it so hard to get others to agree? And how can we improve our chances?

The Little Book of Yes contains 21 short essays that outline a range of effective persuasion strategies, each proven to increase the chances that someone will agree to your request. That someone could be a friend, a colleague, a partner, a lover, a manager, a sibling, a parent, even a stranger. The timeless principles and practical lessons in this collection can be used to tackle a variety of everyday challenges, from repairing a soured relationship to negotiating a higher fee for your work, from convincing a dithering friend to take action, to building your social network and personal brand.

Full of wisdom from the leaders in influence, with carefully curated advice, this little book is essential reading for any freelancer, manager, entrepreneur, parent or person who wants more from their world.

About the author

Steve Martin, Noah Goldstein and Robert B. Cialdini are renowned practitioners of the science of persuasion. Together, they are the authors of the Royal Society Prize-listed international bestseller Yes! and The small BIG.


Praise for Yes!
'Completely changed my way of looking at the world ... Yes! is the Freakonomics of social psychology. It's a handbook to the world. Don't miss out.

- Daniel Finkelstein, Executive Editor, The Times

Read this book. ... perfectly pitched for smart businesspeople

- Octavius Black, Management Today

Surprising, provocative, fun.

- Tim Harford, Author, The Undercover Economist

In a world where persuasion is a more and more important part of what governments and organisations have to do, this book is invaluable.

- Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive, RSA

A book filled with wisdom

- Richard H. Thaler, co-author, Nudge

Additional Information

Imprint: Profile Books
Pages: 136
Subject: Business & Management

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