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The Persecution of the Templars

Translator: Teresa Lavender Fagan
Imprint: Profile Books
Pages: 368
Subject: History & Classics

The Persecution of the Templars

Scandal, Torture, Trial

Alain Demurger

The definitive account of history's most infamous trial, following the doomed Order from scandal to suppression

Hardback(Preorder only)
9781781257852 (Published 6 Sep 2018)

About the book

The trial of the Knights Templar is one of the most infamous in history. Accused of heresy by the king of France, the Templars were arrested and imprisoned, had their goods seized and their monasteries ransacked. Under brutal interrogation and torture, many made shocking confessions: denial of Christ, desecration of the Cross, sex acts and more.

This book follows the everyday reality of the trial, from the early days of scandal and scheming in 1305, via torture, imprisonment and the dissolution of the order, to 1314, when leaders Jacques de Molay and Geoffroy de Charnay were burned at the stake. Through first-hand testimony and written records of the interrogations of 231 French Templars, this book illuminates the stories of hundreds of ordinary members, some of whom testified at the trial, as well as the many others who denied the charges or retracted their confessions.

A deeply researched and immersive account that gives a striking vision of the relentless persecution, and the oft-underestimated resistance, of the once-mighty Knights Templar.

About the author

Alain Demurger is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Paris, and France's foremost specialist in the history of the Crusades and the Military Orders. His books on the subject have become required reading, including The Last Templar, published by Profile [9781861975539] and translated into a dozen languages.


Praise for The Last Templar:
Scrupulously detailed.

- Jerty Brotton, The Times

This is probably the definitive account not only of de Molay, but also of the political and financial factors at play in the closing years of the Temple.

- Kevin McClure, Fortean Times

A scrupulously scholarly analysis.

- C. J. Tyerman, Times Literary Supplement

A well-researched and thorough book.

- Alex Heminsley, Observer

Additional Information

Translator: Teresa Lavender Fagan
Imprint: Profile Books
Pages: 368
Subject: History & Classics