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The Resilience Dividend

Imprint: Profile Books
Pages: 320
Subject: Current Affairs, Politics & Economics

The Resilience Dividend

Managing disruption, avoiding disaster, and growing stronger in an unpredictable world

Judith Rodin

Preparing for the future means building better cities. The world's leading expert tells us how.

9781781253632 (13 Nov 2014)

About the book

New York. Athens. Wenzhou. Boston. Oslo. Dhaka. New Orleans. Nairobi.

In recent years, dozens of cities across the globe have been hit by large-scale catastrophes of every kind: natural disaster, geopolitical conflict, food shortages, disease and contagion, terrorist attacks. If you haven't been directly touched by one of these cataclysms yourself, in our interconnected world you are sure to have been affected in some way. They harm vulnerable individuals, destabilise communities and threaten organisations and even whole societies.

We are at greater risk than ever from city-wide catastrophe, and as the severity and frequency of these disasters increase, we must become better at preparing for, responding to and recovering from them. Be it Haiti's dependence on humanitarian aid, the rebuilding effort after the Great Fire of Manhattan or the reason why more girls than boys drowned in Japan's tsunami, The Resilience Dividend combines vivid stories with practical insights (such as how to disaster-proof a building) and ground-breaking research to help build a radical future in which individuals, companies and entire societies face disaster by creating more dynamic, more resilient cities.

About the author

Judith Rodin is president of the Rockefeller Foundation, a highly influential philanthropic organisation created 'to promote the well-being of mankind throughout the world.' As Provost of Yale she was the first woman to serve as president of an Ivy League institution, and has been recognized as one of Forbes world's 100 most powerful women,


From climate change, to economic adjustment, to the breakdown in political governance, the scale and complexity of threats and challenges in today's interconnected world are immense. This timely and insightful book by Judith Rodin, president of The Rockefeller Foundation, reminds us that we urgently need to build greater resilience to enable individuals, businesses, and communities to prepare for both
systemic disruptions and new opportunities in the world order.

- Kofi A. Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations and chairman of the Kofi Annan Foundation

Positive, pragmatic, and powerful, Judith Rodin's The Resilience Dividend is precisely the innovative thinking we need. By focusing on the ways individuals, businesses, and communities can build a foundation for resilience, Rodin gives us a blueprint for a future where we are stronger, more adaptable, and better equipped to meet the world's greatest challenges.

- Arianna Huffington, president and editor-in-chief, Huffington Post Media Group

This book makes a compelling case, drawing on stories from countries and communities across the world, that resilience is not just a defense mechanism but a positive gain or dividend, with added value in economic and social terms. The message is timely, given the increasingly disruptive force of climate change and the need to encourage communities to respond positively. It is also a highly readable account because it relies on actual human experience.

- Mary Robinson, president of the Mary Robinson Foundation-Climate Justice, and UN Special Envoy on Climate Change

With heartbreaking stories and practical examples, Judith Rodin makes a timely and
much needed contribution for creating a better world in an increasingly volatile
environment. Turning volatility into advantage is a skill that leaders at all levels of any
organization can use in building resilience into business models.

- Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever

Judith Rodin is a world-class entrepreneurial philanthropist. In The Resilience Dividend, she brings her life's work to bear on the subject, drawing on her deep and personal experiences from around the world. She uses every tool available (including the world's most advanced technologies) to understand the urban terrain and to deploy real-world solutions. All with the goal of saving and improving human lives.

- Dr Alex Karp, cofounder and CEO, Palantir

Additional Information

Imprint: Profile Books
Pages: 320
Subject: Current Affairs, Politics & Economics

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