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The Rise of Rome

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Imprint: Profile Books
Pages: 432
Subject: History & Classics
Illustrations: Two 8-page colour plate sections

The Rise of Rome

From the Iron Age to the Punic Wars (1000 BC – 264 BC)

Kathryn Lomas

A fresh, original account of the origins and rise of the ancient world's greatest imperial power

Hardback(Preorder only)
9781846684111 (Published 2 Nov 2017)

About the book

In the late Iron Age, Rome was a small collection of huts arranged over a few hills. By the third century BC, it had become a large and powerful city, with monumental temples, public buildings and grand houses. It had conquered the whole of Italy and was poised to establish an empire. But how did it accomplish this historic transformation?

This book explores the development of Rome during this period, and the nature of its control over Italy, considering why and how the Romans achieved this spectacular dominance. For Rome was only one of a number of emerging centres of power during this period. From its complex forms of government, to its innovative connections with other states, Kathryn Lomas shows what set Rome apart. Examining the context and impact of the city's dominance, as well as the key political, social and economic changes it engendered, this is crucial reading for anyone interested in Ancient Rome.

About the author

Kathryn Lomas is Honorary Research Fellow in Classics and Ancient History at the University of Durham. Her books include Roman Italy 338 BC to AD 200: A Sourcebook; Rome and the Western Greeks, 350 BC - AD 200: Conquest and Acculturation in Southern Italy; and numerous edited volumes on Italian history and archaeology.


Lomas' clear narrative and up-to-date archaeological knowledge is just the right combination to illuminate the fascinating story of the emergence of Rome as a world power.

- Christopher Smith, Director of the British School at Rome and Professor of Ancient History at St Andrews

Kathryn Lomas has excavated the complexities of myth, written sources and archaeological stratigraphy to produce her clear historical synthesis of the political foundations of early Europe.

- Simon Stoddart, Fellow in Archaeology, Magdalene College, Cambridge

Lomas shows great skill in uncovering reliable and fascinating information about an obscure and poorly documented period of history, and presenting it in an engaging and straightforward way. Her book is original for its extensive use of new archaeological evidence, and for telling the remarkable story of the Italian background to the rise of Rome.

- Timothy Cornell, Emeritus Professor of Ancient History, The University of Manchester

This is an admirably clear and engagingly written book. It offers an impressively wide-ranging and up-to-date synthesis, and does an excellent job of situating the city-state of Rome and its rise to hegemony in their wider Italian context.

- J.H. Richardson, Senior Lecturer in Classical Studies, Massey University

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Imprint: Profile Books
Pages: 432
Subject: History & Classics
Illustrations: Two 8-page colour plate sections

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