Wellcome Collection books explore health and human experience. From birth and beginnings to illness and loss, our titles grapple with life’s big questions through compelling writing and beautiful design. In partnership with leading independent publisher Profile Books, we champion essential voices and fresh perspectives across history, memoir, psychology, medicine, and science.

Wellcome Collection is a free museum that aims to challenge how we all think and feel about health by connecting science, medicine, life and art. It is part of Wellcome, a global charitable foundation that supports science to solve urgent health challenges, working in more than 70 countries, with a focus on mental health, global heating and infectious diseases.

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Hybrid Humans

Harry Parker

Our ever-increasing intimacy with technology is changing our bodies and our brains. What can those at the frontiers tell us about what it means to be…

The War of Nerves

Martin Sixsmith

A major new history of the Cold War: exploring the conflict through the minds of the people who lived it

Intensive Care

Gavin Francis

On the pandemic's forgotten front lines, a doctor cares for his community – from care homes to homeless shelters, islands to the inner city

Something Out of Place

Eimear McBride

A blistering, galvanising essay from Eimear McBride, award-winning author of A Girl is a Half-formed Thing

An Extra Pair of Hands

Kate Mosse

A story of caring and the grief, heartbreak, joy and love that accompany it, from the bestselling author Kate Mosse


Val McDermid

A gritty, dark tale of infectious disease gone wrong – the timely graphic novel from Sunday Times bestselling author Val McDermid

After the Storm

Emma Jane Unsworth

A raw, relatable call-to-arms account of motherhood, breaking the silence on postnatal depression


Tiffany Watt Smith

A hilarious quest to understand life's ultimate guilty pleasure – in a beautiful gift package

The Making of You

Katharina Vestre

'Has the knack of sparking wonder' – Nature

The Rules of Contagion

Adam Kucharski

The new science of contagion, and the surprising ways it shapes our lives and behaviour

Words Fail Us

Jonty Claypole

A lifelong stutterer dismantles the cult of fluency and champions the creative powers of inarticulacy


Vivek H Murthy

'Essential reading' (Atul Gawande) from Obama's Surgeon General on the global loneliness epidemic – and how we can overcome it

Showing 37 results