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The Fate of the West

Bill Emmott

Is it the end of the world as we know it? A former editor of the Economist explains how Western democracies must change in order to recover and thrive…


Zoe Fraade-Blanar

An in-depth look at the explosion of fandom, and how fans are transforming the future of business

Superfast, Primetime, Ultimate Nation

Adam Roberts

A compelling portrait of modern India – and where it should go next.

The Ways of the World

David Harvey

The essential anthology of writings by the world's leading Marxist thinker

The Long and the Short of It

John Kay

A clear and practical guide to investment by leading economist John Kay. Second revised and updated edition.

The Long and the Short of It (International edition)

John Kay

A clear and practical guide to investment by internationally renowned economist John Kay

Pocket World in Figures 2017

The book is an intriguing snapshot of the world today, giving rankings on everything from boozing to banking, travel and TV habits, politics, populati…

The Switch

Chris Goodall

Tracing the switch from fossil fuels to solar power and looking at the technology, people and trends that will take us there


Alex Cuadros

An investigative journalist uncovers the murky, scandalous world of Brazil's billionaires

Economics: An A-Z Guide

Matthew Bishop

Economics explained and demystified in trademark Economist style.

Geography: Ideas in Profile

Danny Dorling

A clear and accessible introduction to geography by two experts in the topic, part of the Ideas in Profile series


The Investigative Staff of the Boston Globe

All the President's Men meets Philomena: the investigation that inspired the Oscar winning film Spotlight

Social Theory: Ideas in Profile

William Outhwaite

Social theory lets us understand the full complexity of the world we live – this book explains how

Last Bell

Carl Bistany

A last bell is sounding for public education in America. It's time to take a free market approach.

Political Order and Political Decay

Francis Fukuyama

The most important book about the history and future of politics since The End of History

The Economist: Economics 4th edition

Richard Davies

An all-new digest of the Economist's own analysis of the state of economies and economics

Shifting Sands

Raja Shehadeh

A fresh look at the Middle East today, tomorrow and in the past: fifteen writers, with an introduction by Raja Shehadeh, author of the Orwell Prize-wi…

Something Will Turn Up

David Smith

Britain's 'foremost economic journalist' (Sunday Times) paints a lively, accessible portrait of the country's economic fortunes si…

Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism

David Harvey

Following on from The Enigma of Capital, the world's leading Marxist thinker explores the hidden workings of capital and reveals the forces that…

The Great Disruption

Adrian Wooldridge

From the author of The Economist's Schumpeter column: how business must adapt and change in the face of unprecedented disruption to the world of…

Showing 158 results