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Europe's Decline and Fall

Richard Youngs

Europe has lost its influence on world affairs – this expert assessment shows that urgent action is needed

Iran: the Looming Crisis

Emanuele Ottolenghi

An important contribution to the debate about Europe's approach to Iran … well-informed, perceptive and sobering. I hope our leaders will read w…

Ten Technologies to Fix Energy and Climate

Chris Goodall

A good story for once: introducing the innovators and innovations that will tackle climate change head-on

The Economist Book of Isms

John Andrews

Wonderfully illuminating and witty guide to every ism you could ever want explained


Frank Partnoy

Huge bestseller about the cut-throat trading world returns with gripping new material.

Infectious Greed

Frank Partnoy

'Sparkling … a breathtaking chronicle of greed and stupidity on an operatic scale … a compelling portrait of corruption on the scale of the la…

Empires of Oil

Duncan Clarke

…a triumph and will be read by many beyond the energy sector. Erudite, convincing and grounded in Clarke's experience of life in the oil-produci…

Africa: Crude Continent

Duncan Clarke

One of the world's leading strategists on global oil exploration turns his critical eye to Africa's oil prize, to produce this definitive acco…

The Dragon and the Elephant

David Smith

By 2050 the world's three biggest economies will be China, India and the United States. The Economics Editor of the Sunday Times examines the impl…

The Impoverishment of Nations

Leigh Skene

Early in 2007 Leigh Skene warned of the danger of a meltdown in global markets. Now, while governments spend furiously to rescue the global economy, h…

Hello Everybody!

Joris Luyendijk

A powerful and moving wake-up call to the dangers of media maniplulation

A View From The Foothills

Chris Mullin

'The most wickedly indiscreet and elegant political memoirs since Alan Clark' Mail on Sunday

The (Mis)Behaviour of Markets

Benoit B. Mandelbrot

Benoit Mandelbrot, father of fractal geometry, revolutionised our understanding of the models of modern financial theory. This new edition includes ma…

Asian Godfathers

Joe Studwell

The men who control the economies of S.E. Asia are unimaginably rich and powerful. They gamble at golf for US$2 million a hole. This is – for the firs…

State Building

Francis Fukuyama

A hugely important book – Francis Fukuyama explains the concept of state-building

Orange Book

David Laws

Leading Liberal Democrats re-examine traditional Liberal ideas and come up with fresh – and surprising – ideas for the LibDem revival. In this stimula…

An End to Poverty?

Gareth Stedman-Jones

[Stedman Jones] produces an argument that is not only powerful in its own right but should act as a stimulus and inspiration to others.

The Descent of Woman

Elaine Morgan

According to the Book of Genesis, God first created man. This justified treating women as inferior. Until this book.Elaine Morgan argues for equal rol…

The Future Of Multi-Ethnic Britain

The Parekh Report

Britain has made some progress towards reducing racist violence and racial discrimination, but it still has a long way to go before it can claim to be…

The Mass Psychology of Fascism

Wilhelm Reich

The only authorised edition of this classic text, newly translated from the original German

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