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The Arab Spring and the Gulf States

Mohamed Althani

The most challenging question today for the citizens of any country in the Gulf region is whether it is heading in the right direction to become a dur…

The New North

Laurence Smith

A book that literally turns the world upside down

The Origins of Political Order

Francis Fukuyama

Francis Fukuyama's most important book since the pathbreaking End of History

The Economist: Megachange

Daniel Franklin

Building on the hugely successful annual Economist 'The World in …' publications, this essential guide to the twenty-first century capture…

Africa's Future

Duncan Clarke

One of the world's leading strategists on global oil exploration puts forward a unique reformulation of Africa's economic past, present and…

On the Fault Line

Terence McNamee

Essential insight into the conflicts waiting to happen in every country

The Economist: Modern Warfare, Intelligence and Deterrence

Benjamin Sutherland

For those who want to be smart about our ability to wage war and to protect ourselves – and where much of the world's billions of dollars on defe…

And the Band Played On

Randy Shilts

The classic journalistic masterpiece chronicling the AIDS crisis, and those who suffered because of it

The American Phoenix

Charles Dumas

Why we are in for another economic bust and who will come out of it best – and worst – and why

A Walk-On Part

Chris Mullin

Yes Minister meets Alan Clark

The Tyranny of Choice

Renata Salecl

A brilliant study on the nature of choice, and how limitless freedom can lead to despair

Decline & Fall

Chris Mullin

Britains best-loved MP and bestselling diarist returns with his hilarious account of a New Labour backbencher

Deadly Waters

Jay Bahadur

A unique insight into the the international pirate crisis

Off Message

Bob Marshall-Andrews

Tony Blair's least favourite colleague casts a mordant eye on whips and rebels, wars and liberties, spin and patronage, and expenses and legacies…


Paul Ginsborg

Despite the global expansion of democracy, a looming threat has appeared in the countries that claim to love it most: declining electoral turnout, dim…

Runaway World

Anthony Giddens

'Before the current global era it is impossible to imagine that comparable events [like September 11] could have occurred, reflecting as they do…

The Wonga Coup

Adam Roberts

In July 2008 Eton-educated British mercenary Simon Mann was sentenced to 34 years in prison for attempting to overthrow the government of Equatorial G…

The Enigma of Capital

David Harvey

Radical sociologist David Harvey explains how capitalism came to dominate the world, why it resulted in the current financial crisis – and why it…

The Age of Instability

David Smith

The most comprehensive and lucid guide to what happened and why

Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?

Eric Kaufmann

Demography and Politics in the Twenty-First Century

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