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The Little Book of Perfumes

Luca Turin

This marvellous little book is a distillation of the essence of Turin and Sanchez's acclaimed masterwork Perfumes: The A-Z Guide

Brain Games for Your Child

Robert Fisher

Every child needs love and physical care, but also play that stimulates their thinking and helps boost their brain power. By playing with parents, gra…

Creative Mythology

Joseph Campbell

Campbell examines the inner story of modern culture, encompassing its philosophical, spiritual and cultural history since medieval times, and consider…

Occidental Mythology

Joseph Campbell

The third book in Campbell's classic Masks of God series.

Oriental Mythology

Joseph Campbell

Volume 2 of Joseph Campbell's classic Masks of God series.

Politically Correct Bedtime Stories

James Finn Garner

A witty contemporary parody of traditional fairy tales.

Primitive Mythology

Joseph Campbell

One of Joseph Campbell's classic quartet, a study of the ethno-cultural roots of mythology.

Bred of Heaven

Jasper Rees

A year in pursuit of Welshness

Book of Obituaries

Ann Wroe

A selection of the two hundred best obituaries that have appeared in The Economist since the first one was published in 1995.

A Cellarful of Noise

Brian Epstein

This is Brian Epstein's own account of his extraordinary life and, inevitably, the story of the Beatles, the greatest pop group of the twentieth-c…

Wheat-Free Cooking

Rita Greer

A helpful and informative book by Rita Greer, who has over twenty years' experience of devising gluten intolerant diets.

Don't Be Needy Be Succeedy

L Vaughan Spencer

HILARIOUS! Laughed out loud from start to finish. So much great material. Silly and smart. Bravo.

Movie Lists

Paul Simpson

At last! A film book that is really useful! And fun! These enthusiasts' lists, arranged by genre, director or actor, answer that most difficult of…

The Answers

Lucy Kellaway

…covers the gamut of problems that can crop up in office life…her answers will also offer much needed help and balm to soothe the troubled office…

All the King's Cooks

Peter Brears

Will bring a Tudor kitchen to life.


Rosemary Hawthorne

200 years ago an unsexy pair of knee-length pants was first called knickers… uncover the brief history of the frivolous morale-booster.

A Fourth Innings with Cardus

Neville Cardus

Fifty years of the essays, newspaper articles and press reports from Neville Cardus, the great cricket writer.

The Art and Science of Clicker Training for Horses

Benjamin L. Hart

Clicker training can help owners improve their relationship with their horses and overcome undesirable behavioural traits… (Ben Hart) recognises how…

The Secret of the Spear

Alec Maclellan

Alec Maclellan traces the spear used to pierce the side of Christ in the Bible, through history and mythology.

Why Does My Rabbit…?

Anne McBride

A guide to owning rabbits as pets – how to care for them and understand their behaviour.

Showing 133 results