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A Cardus for All Seasons

Neville Cardus

Cricket chronicles – the Cardus way

Cardus in the Covers

Neville Cardus

Companion volume to Neville Cardus's classic Cardus on Cricket

Inferno Decoded

Michael Haag

What is the real truth behind the mysteries of Dan Brown's latest blockbuster thriller?

The Vein of Gold

Julia Cameron

Julia Cameron, international bestselling author of The Artist's Way, uses her experience and world-renowned techniques as a creativity coach to c…

Complete Book of Vampires

Leonard R. N. Ashley

From Dracula to Twilight, the vampire remains a source of cultish fascination. This book examines the history of the folklore and cultural manifestati…

The Hollow Earth Enigma

Alec Maclellan

One of the world's great mysteries examined: do we live on a hollow earth?

Sad Monsters

Frank Lesser

Growling on the Outside, Crying on the Inside: The Definitive Guide to Human-Monster Relations!


David Astle

A warm, funny and fascinating memoir told through a cryptic crossword

Bum Fodder

Richard Smyth

The Chinese invented it. The Americans turned it into the multi-billion pound business it is today.

The Language of the Angels

Claire Nahmad

A book on the new age interest in angels.

A Natural History of the Piano

Stuart Isacoff

A beautifully illustrated, engrossing celebration of the piano, and the composers and performers who have made it their own.

Better Than Great

Arthur Plotnik

Better Than Great is a unique thesaurus of praise and acclaim, containing humankind's largest gathering of fresh, potent and larky superlatives f…

The Economist Book of Business Quotations

Bill Ridgers

Handy wit and wisdom from across the world of business

Bio-dynamic Gardening

John Soper

The gardening technique that works with nature and the cosmic forces to make your garden a flourishing paradise of fruitfulness. Bio-dynamics develope…

The Hidden Science of Lost Civilisations

David Wilcock

Who are we, how did we get here and where are we going?

It Could Have Been Yours

Jolyon Fenwick

Things you never knew you wanted – even if you could afford them

The Little Book of Perfumes

Luca Turin

This marvellous little book is a distillation of the essence of Turin and Sanchez's acclaimed masterwork Perfumes: The A-Z Guide

Just My Type

Simon Garfield

Non-fiction Christmas bestseller. Radio 4 Book of the Week

Brain Games for Your Child

Robert Fisher

Every child needs love and physical care, but also play that stimulates their thinking and helps boost their brain power. By playing with parents, gra…

Creative Mythology

Joseph Campbell

Campbell examines the inner story of modern culture, encompassing its philosophical, spiritual and cultural history since medieval times, and consider…

Showing 146 results