Book of Obituaries (Ebook)

Ann Wroe, Keith Colquhoun

A selection of the two hundred best obituaries that have appeared in The Economist since the first one was published in 1995.

The obituaries that appear in The Economist are remarkable because of the unpredictable selection of people to be written about, the surprising lives they lead - but also for the style in which the obituary is written. The selection for this book ranges far and wide, including Jean Bedel Bokassa and Pope Jean Paul II, Pamela Harriman and Harry Oppenheimer, Akio Morita and J K Galbraith, Jean Baudrillard and Syd Barrett, Estee Lauder and Hunter Thomson, Bip (the legendary mime artist Marcel Marceau) and even Alex the African Grey (Science's best known parrot).

Publication date: 30/06/2011


ISBN: 9781847650412

ISBN 10 / ASIN: B005E872VS

Imprint: Economist Books

Subject: Humour & Gift, Reference

Reviews for Book of Obituaries

''The wit is wicked, in the best sense of that ambiguous word, but it is never cruel, and always bang on; as its victims, after serving their million-odd years in Purgatory, would ruefully have to agree''

 The Spectator

Ann Wroe

Ann Wroe

Ann Wroe trained as a medieval historian. She joined The Economist in 1976 to cover American politics, and has been Books and Arts Editor (1988-1992), American Editor (1992-2000) and is currently Special Reports and Obituaries Editor. She is also the author of several highly acclaimed books: Being Shelley, Pilate and Perkin.

Keith Colquhoun

Keith Colquhoun

Keith Colquhoun worked for many years for The Economist and covered Asia before he became the Obituaries Editor. He is also the writer of more than ten novels including Killing Stalin and Filthy Rich.