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In the 200th year of Frankenstein, we gather ten extraordinary facts about its author, Mary Shelley.

Our critically acclaimed, interactive Frankenstein app is alive once again.

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Founder of The Velominati & co-author of The Hardmen Frank Strack tells us about some of the toughest cyclists of all time.

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Lyme Literary presents a special event to coincide with Radio 4's Book of the Week. This is a talk by Fiona Sampson MBE on her new book 'In Search of Mary Shelley', which marks the bicentenary of the publication of Frankenstein. In January, the publication is Radio 4's Book of the Week. Mary Shelley's dramatic life story is well known. But who was the woman who lived it? In this event Fiona Sampson sifts through the evidence, followed by audience questions.
For something that is so good for us, swearing gets a bad rap. Science writer Emma Byrne will explore the close connection between bad language and our emotions. She will shed light on the latest in the neuroscience and origins of swearing. Emma Byrne is an honest-to-goodness robot scientist who, when she's not developing intelligent systems, writes for Forbes, the FT and Global Business Magazine. She also frequently appears on Sky News and the BBC talking about the future of artificial intelligence and robotics.
A day of games, talks, discussions, workshops ... and TRULY BRAIN-BLASTING, OUT-OF-BODY ILLUSIONS from the Sackler Centre's exhibition Being SomeBody. Talks about everything from our own unconscious biases to why swearing can be good for you. Quick-fire debates on crucial issues with Talkaoke and Stand-up philosophy. A live cartooning workshop from an expert. Plus games, tricks and refreshments ... So allow at least 2 hours. And don't forget to stick around for the evening show! The Sackler Centre's famous exhibition and demonstration Being SomeBody is the centrepiece of this special day for young people. Debate and discussion of will be MC'ed by the Stand-Up Philosophers and the irresistible Talkaoke Table. Meanwhile, find out why Swearing Is Good For You, and check out your prejudices with What's Your Bias. Enjoy the science, the crafts, the refreshments, the games, and find out what it's like 'to be SomeBody'.