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Find out why Eugenia Cheng wrote The Art of Logic - and why we all need it.

In This Week in Moneyland, Oliver will update us weekly on the extraordinary sories of financial corruption currently in the news.

In the first of our new Behind the Book series, in which writers tell the story behind their book, Jasper Winn traces the research he did and the journeys he made that shaped his book Water Ways


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Watch our beautiful animation of the cover of Jack Hartnell's Medieval Bodies

Founder of The Velominati & co-author of The Hardmen Frank Strack tells us about some of the toughest cyclists of all time.

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Writer and slow adventurer Jasper Winn spent a year exploring Britain's waterways on foot, by bike, in a kayak and on narrowboats. Along a thousand miles of 'wet roads and water streets' he discovered a world of wildlife corridors, underground adventures, the hardware of heritage and history, new boating communities, endurance kayak races and remote towpaths. He shared journeys with some of the last working boat people and met the anglers, walkers, boaters, activists, volunteers and eccentrics who have made the waterways their home. In Britain most of us live within five miles of a canal, and reading this book we will see them in an entirely new light.
IS IT THE END OF THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY? Late 20th century thinking was defined by freedom of movement and the removal of borders. Now, fences, tariffs and fear are beginning to dominate our cultural, economic and political conversations. Join our panel as they explore why the barriers are going up around the world and ask: Is the end of the global community? Our panel includes leading journalist Tim Marshall, the author of Divided: Why We Are Living In An Age Of Walls and investigative journalist Oliver Bullough, who has written about Trumpism, inequality and the super-rich in Moneyland.
FOLLOW THE MONEY Money definitely makes some parts of the world go round. In Moneyland, investigative journalist Oliver Bullough glues together the Panama Papers, Trumpism and inequality to expose the super-rich. Economist and broadcaster Dharshini David followed the money for The Almighty Dollar, finding that globalisation would buckle without the vast reserves of the stuff circulating, even aside from the enormous numbers of dollars kept in vaults by some countries. Chaired by Phil Harding.