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We're delighted to announce that next year we'll be publishing non-fiction by best-selling author, Joanna Cannon.
Watch Iain's video tour from Canada Water through Greenland Dock and then to the Pepys Estate in Deptford
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Watch our beautiful animation of the cover of Jack Hartnell's Medieval Bodies

Founder of The Velominati & co-author of The Hardmen Frank Strack tells us about some of the toughest cyclists of all time.

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Come and join us to uncover Moneyland! We'll be talking dirty money, gangsters, and investigative journalism. Global Witness host Oliver Bullough as he discusses his new book Moneyland: why thieves and crooks now rule the world and how to take it back - a deep dive into the world of the super-wealthy criminal elite. Oliver will be joined by Misha Glenny, renowned McMafia author and GW advisory board member, and Jane Bradley, Investigations Correspondent for Buzzfeed and Pulitzer journalist.
By August 1918, the outcome of the Great War was not in doubt: the Allies would win. But what was unclear was how this defeat would play out - would the Germans hold on, prolonging the fighting deep into 1919, with the loss of hundreds of thousands more young lives, or could the war be won in 1918? Peter Hart, author of Gallipoli and The Great War, and oral historian at the Imperial War Museum, brings to life the dramatic final weeks of the war, as men fought to secure victory, with survival seemingly only days or hours away. Drawing on the experience of both generals and ordinary soldiers, and dwelling with equal weight on strategy, tactics and individual experience, this is a powerful and detailed account of history's greatest endgame.
In a world where there is increasing sensitivity, confusion and unease over how we should talk about race, religion and culture, Intelligence Squared brings together two of the most respected thinkers to shed new light on this most thorny of topics. Kwame Anthony Appiah is one of America's leading philosophers and gave the prestigious BBC Reith Lectures in 2016. Born in London to a Ghanaian father and British mother and brought up in Ghana, he has a cosmopolitan outlook which infuses his thinking. Appiah will challenge our assumptions about different kinds of identity and argue that most of our notions about them were formed in the nineteenth century and need to be updated for the twenty-first. Take race, for example. Much of our understanding of it, he will argue, is still based on outdated, Victorian-era pseudoscience. Or take the nation state. We may all agree that we have the right to rule ourselves, but how do we define who 'we' are? And the very idea that there is such a thing as Western culture, he will say, is mistaken. In conversation with Appiah will be John Gray, one of Britain's most provocative and original thinkers, who has never been afraid to challenge the conventional wisdom of the day. Gray takes issue with the idea popular amongst liberals that there is a hierarchy of identities, which gives greater value to those of historically oppressed ethnic and sexual minorities, while downplaying identities that are based on nation or religion. Identities divide us, but they also unite us and fulfil our need for a sense of collective belonging. Join us on October 18th as these two great thinkers explore one of the most complex and controversial issues of our times.