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Watch Annie Gray, author of The Greedy Queen, in brilliant new BBC show Royal Recipes

What will the world look like in 2050 - and how will technology play a part? Read the introduction to Megatech: Technology in 2050 here.

Futurist Mark Stevenson takes us on a tour of the incredible things that are happening in the world of innovation, from Brazilian favelas to high tech Boston, from rural India to a shed inventor in England's home counties. Read an extract

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An alternative look at Roman history in the form of a self-help book. After his acclaimed How to Manage your Slaves, Marcus Sidonius Falx returns with a guide to self-fulfilment the Roman way. This spoof self-help book will enhance the value of your life, boost its rewards and enrich its pleasures, with practical advice on how to raise your prospects, choose your career and make a fortune. Marcus Sidonius Falx is a Roman of noble birth. After serving with distinction in the legions, he retired to manage his substantial country estates. He now divides his time between his properties in Campania and the province of Africa and his luxury villa on the Esquiline hill overlooking Rome. Marcus Sidonius Falx is the pen name for Dr Jerry Toner, Fellow and Director of Studies in Classics, Churchill College, Cambridge University. Read the review in The Times This event is part of Essex Book Festival's Place Weekend in Colchester on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 March.
Over 8 million people in the UK suffer from anxiety disorders, with women and the under 35s most affected. It's widely acknowledged that we are in the midst of an anxiety epidemic and women, their loved ones, and the NHS are all struggling to cope. Join us in our quest to understand more as we team up with The Pool to host an evening exploring anxiety and women. Featuring: Gemma Cairney is a multi-award winning broadcaster, writer, producer and general polymath. She currently presents The Surgery on BBC Radio 1, which focuses on tackling the everyday issues of young people and creating positive social action. Gemma is known for her irreverent approach, insatiable appetite for telling stories and sparkling imagination. Susie Orbach is the founder of the Women's Therapy Centre of London; a former columnist for The Guardian; a visiting professor at the London School of Economics; and the author of Fat is a Feminist Issue, which has sold over a million copies. She is probably the most famous psychotherapist to have set up couch in Britain since Sigmund Freud. Estée Lalonde is one of the stand-out voices of the digital generation. A beauty and lifestyle blogger and social influencer, she has attracted a global audience of millions across her YouTube and social media platforms and is known for her friendly, honest and relatable personality. Her debut book Bloom is about discovering who you are and how you interpret that through the lifestyle choices you make. The Pooli s a platform for women who are too busy to browse. It produces interesting and inspiring original content on everything from people and politics to fashion and lifestyle. Co-founded by Lauren Laverne and Sam Baker in 2015, it has an enthusiastic and loyal following.
In his book Boots on the Ground General the Lord Richard Dannatt tells the story of the last 70 years of the British Army. He will be in conversation with David Pratt, Contributing Foreign Editor of the Herald. This event is sponsored by Turcan Connell.