Frugal Innovation clinches CMI Management Book of the Year title, demonstrating how to do more with less

We're thrilled to have acquired Betrayal: Crisis in the Catholic Church, the book that inspired the major new film Spotlight.

We're thrilled to announce that we're publishing Alan Bennett's new collection of diaries this autumn.

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Watch the animations from the only short introduction to art in history you'll ever need, by Martin Kemp, Emeritus Professor of the History of Art, Oxford University.

Watch Eugenia Cheng carve a Möbius strip out of a bagel

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We are delighted to welcome Gavin Francis on the release of the paperback of Adventures in Human Being. Drawing on his experiences as a doctor, Francis blends stories from the clinic with reflections on the way the body has been imagined and understood over the millennia. A fascinating speaker, an evening not to be missed! 'Moving, mesmerising and memorable' The Economist.
In this special event for the How to Academy based on her new book History's People the internationally acclaimed historian Margaret MacMillan will present pen-portraits of the historical individuals who she believes deserve our recognition and understanding.
What was the bolt of energy that ignited life on this planet? Why are there only two sexes? Why do we age and die? Evolutionary biochemist Nick Lane talks to geneticist and presenter of Radio 4's Inside Science, Dr Adam Rutherford, about the theories he expounds in The Vital Question, which some suggest could be as influential as the Copernican Revolution.