We're thrilled to have acquired Betrayal: Crisis in the Catholic Church, the book that inspired the major new film Spotlight.

We're thrilled to announce that we're publishing Alan Bennett's new collection of diaries this autumn.

Read an excerpt from the latest collection of essays by the leading Marxist thinker, David Harvey.

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Watch the animations from the only short introduction to art in history you'll ever need, by Martin Kemp, Emeritus Professor of the History of Art, Oxford University.

Watch Eugenia Cheng carve a Möbius strip out of a bagel

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Journeys across the frontiers between species. Charles explores the world through animal perspectives - as a badger in Wales, otter in Devon, fox in London's East End, and as a swift.
Wednesday 10th February will allow us to experience Fashion on the Ration! with JULIE SUMMERS. With the help of models, Julie will offer a snapshot of life during the Second World War in an adaptation of her recent exhibition. Audiences will also recognise Julie's work from the ITV dramatisation of her novel Jambusters, titled 'Home Fires'.
Join best selling author, Gavin Francis at the Dundee Central Library on Thursday the 11th of February when he will be discussing his new book, Adventures in Human Being!