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In the run up to Christmas, we'll be sharing curious Q&As from the Sunday Times bestselling Seriously Curious.

Editor Cecily Gayford tells us why we should all have very murderous Christmases.

Our top picks to put under the Christmas tree this year.


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Watch our beautiful animation of the cover of Jack Hartnell's Medieval Bodies

Founder of The Velominati & co-author of The Hardmen Frank Strack tells us about some of the toughest cyclists of all time.

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An unmissable conversation between Richard Wrangham, Harvard Professor of Biological Anthropology and the evolutionary behavioural scientist Professor Tamás Dávid-Barrett on "The Goodness Paradox: How Evolution Made Us More and Less Violent" - Richard Wrangham's new book which is set to be as important and revolutionary as Guns, Germs and Steel or The Language Instinct.
Drawing on new research by geneticists, neuroscientists, primatologists, and archaeologists, Richard Wrangham will show that what domesticated our species was nothing less than the invention of capital punishment. But how could our low aggressiveness evolve from repeated acts of aggression? Wrangham solves this puzzle and in doing so, proposes a fascinating new theory for the origin of Homo sapiens.