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Listen to a clip of Bernie Sanders reading his book, Our Revolution.

The international bestseller is back, this time with a hilarious Trump teaser poster.

Bernie Sanders toured the UK from 1-4 June to mark the paperback release of Our Revolution. Here's how the UK reacted.

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Come and sit down at the royal table and open the kitchen door to hear about what Victoria ate, and how she changed English food forever. Based on intriguing original research, historian Annie Gray will show the Queen's absolute reliance on food as well as delving below stairs for a proper look at the cooks who played such an important role.
From the author of Alexandria, The Tragedy of the Templers and The Quest for Mary Magdalene, this celebrated historian turns to the story of what really happened to Gerald Durrell's 'My Family and other Animals'. We meet the real-life characters the Durrells encountered in Corfu, hear of Margo's daring return during the war to join the Greek resistance and Larry's perilous escape by sea to Alexandria.
One of Britain's leading military figures of the last 40 years, Richard Dannatt tells the story of the British Army since the end of World War II and explains how its role has changed against the backdrop of the country's shifting security and defence policies. From India and Iraq to Northern Ireland and the EU Referendum, Dannatt - former Head of the British Army and a soldier who was never afraid to speak his mind - charts the key conflicts of Britain's transformation from a leading nation with 2 million troops in 1945 to fewer than 82,000 troops in 2015.