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Eugenia Cheng's Beyond Infinity is one of six on the Royal Society Science Book Prize Shortlist - and there's a new book coming next year.

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Founder of The Velominati & co-author of The Hardmen Frank Strack tells us about some of the toughest cyclists of all time.

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Will India ever live up to its potential? So much depends, says the Economist's Adam Roberts in Superfast Primetime Ultimate Nation, on just one man. Narendra Modi, India's current Prime Minister, is driven, full of self-belief, insistent that good times are coming, and massively popular. But he's also let India drift dangerously towards intolerance. And will his reforms ever deliver? Chaired by Phil Harding.
THE WRITER WHO INVENTED J T LEROY In a fascinating exercise in public therapy, US author Laura Albert places herself on the couch to explore the motivations that led her to develop the persona of Jeremiah 'Terminator' Leroy (J T Leroy). Leading the session is acclaimed writer and psychotherapist Susie Orbach, whose book and BBC radio series In Therapy lays bare the therapeutic process as it has never been revealed before.
With the world's population heading for the 10 billion mark, it's clear that our established models for education, health, food supply and energy production are crumbling under the strain. Futurologist Mark Stevenson has traversed the globe in search of those who seek to reboot our structures, while Raoul Martinez believes our notion of what freedom means has to undergo a serious transformation. Hear the authors exchange mind-expanding ideas and arguments.