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Read the intro to Emily Mayhew's extraordinary new book, A Heavy Reckoning.

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The poignant story of Boabdil, the last Muslim king of Granada. Betrayed by his family and undermined by faction and internal conflict, Boabdil was defeated in 1492 by the forces of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of the newly united kingdoms of Castile and Aragon. The Christian victory marked the completion of the long Christian reconquest of Spain and ended seven centuries in which Christians, Muslims and Jews had, for the most part, lived peacefully and profitably together in La Convivencia.
The Victorians' private compartments, rugs and foot warmers may have made way for air-conditioned carriages with airline-type seating, but parts of Britain's railway system remain the oldest in the world. Referring to his lauded book, The Railways, Simon reveals a tale of technological achievement, of shifting social classes, of safety and crime, of tourism and the changing world of work - showing us that to travel through Britain by train is to journey through time.
Dr Emily Mayhew discusses her new book A Heavy Reckoning with British Army Photographer, Rupert Frere, Dr George Hay of the National Archives, and Peter Johnston of the National Army Museum. A Heavy Reckoning explores the modern reality of medicine and injury in wartime, from the trenches of the First World War to the dusty plains of Afghanistan and the rehabilitation wards of Headley Court in Surrey. There will be a book sale and signing after the discussion. Refreshments will be available to purchase.