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Get as near to the consulting room as you can in this performance of the intimate exchange in psychotherapy. In front of a live audience, Susie Orbach leads a therapy session with an actor briefed on a character to improvise, and shares insights into the therapy process. Inspired by the BBC Radio 4 programme In Therapy.
Charles Foster at the Wantage Betjeman Literary Festival
IN THERAPY: How conversations with psychotherapists really work Susie Orbach in conversation with Jane Haberlin World-renowned therapist Susie Orbach is joined by Jane Haberlin to discuss what really goes on in the consulting room. This event marks the publication of Susie Orbach's In Therapy: How conversations with psychotherapists really work (November 2016), based on the BBC Radio 4 series. In Therapy explores what goes on in the process of therapy - what Orbach thinks, feels and believes about the people who seek her help - through five dramatised case studies. Replicating the improvised dialogue of the radio series as a playscript, Orbach offers us the experience of reading along with a session, while revealing what is going on behind each exchange between analyst and client. Insightful and honest about a process often necessarily shrouded in secrecy, In Therapy is an essential read for those curious about, or considering entering, therapy. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Susie Orbach is the founder of the Women's Therapy Centre of London; a former columnist for The Guardian; a visiting professor at the London School of Economics; and the author of Fat is a Feminist Issue (1978), which has sold over a million copies. She is probably the most famous psychotherapist to have set up couch in Britain since Sigmund Freud. She lives in London, near to Freud's last address and is a trustee of the Freud Museum. Jane Haberlin is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist with extensive experience of working in therapeutic communities with adolescents and adults. She has previously worked at the Arbours Crisis Centre, the Women's Therapy Centre and was a founding member of the Relational School in London. Jane is a Partner at the Balint Consultancy providing psychotherapy to individuals and couples as well as executive coaching and organisational consultancy.