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Signs of Life

Stephen Fabes

The cycling doctor: Round the world with a stethoscope

War on Wheels

Justin McCurry

Japan's fascinating culture of track cycling

Where There's A Will

Emily Chappell

Emily Chappell's story of transformation into a cross-continental bike racer, pushing the limits of her endurance

The Medal Factory

Kenny Pryde

The full story of the most successful organisation in the history of sport

Need for the Bike

Paul Fournel

A cycling classic: witty and insightful truths of bikes and riding

The Hardmen

The Velominati

Stories of the toughest cyclists of all time, told by The Velominati, originators of The Rules

Anquetil, Alone

Paul Fournel

The legend of Jacques Anquetil, controversial French cycling star of the 60s, told through the eyes of novelist and childhood Anquetil fan Paul Fourne…

Giro d'Italia

Colin O'Brien

The full, rich story of the legendary Giro d'Italia, published to celebrate its 100th edition

Showing 8 results