Our Easter weekend reading recommendations

16 April 2019


Chocolate? Check. Sunshine? Check (good lighting being necessary for successful reading). Appetite for expanding your mind / skillset / escaping in the company of a brilliant author? CHECK.

Here are the books we recommend you spend your long weekend with, whether you’re getting out and about or having downtime at home.


Forager's CalendarA month-by-month handbook for foraging in the woods, fields and seashores of Great Britain. 

From dandelions in spring to sloe berries in autumn, via wild garlic, samphire and chanterelles, our countryside is full of edible delights.

John Wright is the country’s foremost expert in foraging with decades of experience, including as forager at the River Cottage. Fully illustrated in colour throughout, with tips on kit, conservation advice and what to avoid.

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Chasing the Sun

‘A sparkling and illuminating study,one of those rare books that could genuinely improve your life’ Sunday Times

Bursting with cutting-edge science and eye-opening advice, Chasing the Sun explores the extraordinary significance of sunlight. – from ancient solstice celebrations to modern sleep labs, and from the unexpected health benefits of sun exposure to what the Amish know about sleep that the rest of us don’t.

As we move into longer, lighter days, it’s imperative to know how important this light is to us – and how to make the most of it.

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A Farmer's DiaryA hilarious and honest account of a farmer’s year – from lambing to harvest

Sally Urwin and her husband Steve own High House Farm in Northumberland, which they share with Mavis the Sheepdog, one very fat pony, and many, many sheep. Set in beautiful, wild landscape, and in use for generations, it’s the perfect setting for Sally’s (sometimes brutally) honest and charming account of farming life.

From stock sales to lambing sheds, and out in the fields in driving snow and hot summer days, A Farmer’s Diary reveals the highs, lows and hard, hard work involved in making a living from the land. 

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How democracy ends

‘Scintillating … thought-provoking.’ Observer

David Runciman, one of the UK’s leading professors of politics and host of Talking Politics podcast, answers all this and more as he surveys the political landscape of the West, helping us to spot the new signs of a collapsing democracy and advising on what could come next.Until very recently, most citizens of Western democracies would have imagined that the end of democracy was a long way off, and very few would have thought it might be happening before their eyes as Trump, Brexit and paranoid populism have become a reality.

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Medieval Bodies


‘A triumph’ Guardian

Step back in time with Jack Hartnell as he examines the medieval body in all its glittering, gruesome glory.

Illustrated throughout with full colour medieval art, this beautiful book unfolds like a medieval pageant, filled with saints, soldiers, caliphs, queens, monks and monstrous beasts, throwing light on the medieval body from head to toe – revealing the surprisingly sophisticated medical knowledge of the time in the process.

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You Talkin to Me

Rhetoric gives our words the power to inspire. But it’s not just for politicians: it’s all around us, whether you’re buttering up a key client or persuading your children to eat their greens. You have been using rhetoric yourself, all your life. After all, you know what a rhetorical question is, don’t you?

In this updated edition of his classic guide, Sam Leith traces the art of argument from ancient Greece down to its many modern mutations. He introduces verbal villains from Hitler to Donald Trump. Before you know it, you’ll be confident in chiasmus and proud of your panegyrics – because rhetoric is useful, relevant and absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

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living with buildings

We shape ourselves, and are shaped in return, by the walls that contain us. Buildings affect how we sleep, work, socialise and even breathe. They can isolate and endanger us but they can also heal us. We project our hopes and fears onto buildings, while they absorb our histories.

In Living With Buildings, Iain Sinclair embarks on a series of expeditions – through London, Marseille, Mexico and the Outer Hebrides.Part investigation, part travelogue, Living With Buildingsbrings the spaces we inhabit to life as never before.

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Surveillance Capitalism


In her groundbreaking new work The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power Shoshana Zuboff exposes the corporations that are fighting to predict and control our online activity – and our lives.

Tech companies gather our information online and sell it to the highest bidder, whether government or retailer. Profits now depend not only on predicting our behaviour but modifying it too. How will this fusion of capitalism and the digital shape our values and define our future?

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