Henry James Garrett’s new book is coming this November

08 February 2020

Why are you kind?

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Why aren’t you kinder?

Henry James Garrett has written and illustrated for The New York Times, created Valentine’s cards for The Fawcett Society, provided a drawing of Meghan Markle’s dog as a gift for her, cartooned for the i NewspaperBuzzfeed and London Pride, had solo exhibitions in London and a beautiful phonebox in Brighton and made greeting cards. You can join his 145,000 followers on Instagram @henryjgarrett.

And now he has a book.

this book will make you kinder

This book will make you kinder by introducing you to your empathy, and by pointing out what limits that empathy. Not just the everyday kindness of taking out your neighbour’s bins – the strong, courageous, moral kindness of fighting cruelty. It’s needed now more than ever. Unkindness has been given new energy in recent years.

So get to know your empathy a little better. Where it comes from, and why every human – and some animals – have it. Empathy is what makes us kind, but it must be combined with aconscious effort to learn about different kinds of people. A world in which everyone acted on their empathy would be a very kind world indeed. Let’s work toward that world.

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henry james garrett   henry james garrett

henry james garrett   henry james garrett