A-Z of Cat Health and First Aid ()


A-Z of Cat Health and First Aid is a practical veterinary guide for cat owners, compiled by experienced vet Andrew Gardiner.
– Over 200 common conditions explained
– Practical first aid and home nursing
– Up-to-date treatments and cat-friendly approaches
– Detailed cross-references to related problems

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A-Z of Cat Health and First Aid clearly explains what the owner can do for their cat, working alongside the veterinary surgeon, to give their companion the best chance of a full and speedy recovery. There is detailed help for over 200 common cat illnesses, as well as advice in the event of accidents, for everything from coat contamination, high blood pressure and fleas to overgrown nails, spaying and urination problems.

Each illness is explained and details of first aid and nursing care that can be administered at home is clearly outlined, along with a full explanation of what treatment your vet might follow.

Andrew Gardiner is an experienced vet, and the ideal guide to the practical solutions that anyone can carry out at home to help keep their cat fit and well. Cats can seem as varied and complex as people, and modern veterinary medicine has a much improved knowledge of cats' bodies, with very specific approaches to their health problems.

This revised and updated edition of A-Z of Cat Health and First Aid will inform and educate any cat owner how better to provide for their companion's health.