Bio-dynamic Gardening (Epub)


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The gardening technique that works with nature and the cosmic forces to make your garden a flourishing paradise of fruitfulness. Bio-dynamics developed from a course of lectures on agriculture given by Rudolf Steiner in 1924 after a group of farmers were alarmed by the deterioration of food crops. It has now become a thriving worldwide movement followed by thousands of farmers and small-holders in Britain, Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand and the United States. This authoritative book enables anyone to practice bio-dynamics in their own garden. Explaining the principles, from the use of special preparations to enhance the fertility of the soil and working with cosmic forces when planting and sowing to how to cope with pests or disease and what companion plants will give the most effective results. Covering fruit and vegetables, herbs and special features, it includes advice on crop rotation, green manuring and mulching. It offers advice on composting and preparation of the soil, and suggests vegetable varieties that are recommended for flavour and productiveness. First published in 1983 this standard work has been revised and updated with new information and illustrations to make it the most accessible guide available. It has been used for decades by the Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Association and now brings bio-dynamics to every gardener who wants to garden in harmony with nature.