Branding that Means Business (Digital Audio, MP3)


New in the Economist Edge series: how brands can create enduring bonds with customers and markets in the post-digital age of social influence.

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'The most insightful book on branding of the last 20 years' Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy

Now, more than ever, your brand is either loved – or it's noise.

In a world defined by digital products and immediate gratification, how can your brand stand out? When consumers can easily have anything, how can your brand be the one thing they can't live without?

To rise to this challenge, brands must shape not just what consumers buy, but how they act, feel and connect. This requires a new perspective, one that goes beyond business and into the fundamentals of human behaviour.

Branding that Means Business combines the latest business thinking with psychology, sociology, and anthropology to show that a brand can't serve a business unless it connects with people.

Equipped with these human-based perspectives, you'll have the tools to create, enhance and distinguish your brand in new and impactful ways – and make it a must-have in the minds and lives of your consumers.