Common or Garden (Epub)


A beautifully illustrated spotter's guide to Britain's most successful 50 wild plants – their names, stories, uses and quirks

SKU: 9781800811454


It's often imagined that rarity is special. We seek out uncommon plants or birds to tick them off our lists, but most of us overlook the extraordinary splendour of the species we encounter daily in the natural world. It's these species – the most successful plants – that are truly interesting.

In this new book, Ken Thompson sets out to chart Britain's fifty-two most common wild plants and to explain the secrets of their success. What are their key characteristics? How do they thrive in different habitats? Where did they come from? What do their popular names – speedwell, buttercup, dog rose – mean?

Common or Garden – stunningly illustrated by the artist Sarah Abbott – will open our eyes afresh to the everyday natural world.