Create Your Own Midlife Crisis (Hardback)


We all ask ourselves 'how did I get here?' So try running away or sexting without ruining your life, and create your own midlife crisis with Marie Phillips's hilarious book

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To run away to Brazil, turn to 34.
To get a tattoo, turn to 147.
To burn your house down, turn to 145.

Midway through our lives, we wonder how we ended up here and whether there's a way out. There must have been a crucial turning point, but there's no way to start again in the hope of a better result.

Or is there? Here's your chance to try all the roads not taken: polyamory, ayahuasca, younger men, enlightenment, infidelity, Botox, or just telling your boss for once and for all where she can shove her job. But beware: all choices come at a cost…

Yelpingly funny, horribly relatable, here are the predicaments of modern midlife, brought together in a compulsively readable book-as-game which – just like real life – you can never truly win.