Fairy Spells (Hardback)


Do you believe in fairies? Learn how to speak to them with this book of fairy spells.

SKU: 9781800810495


Discover how to connect with fairies, accept their guidance to your inner self and restore your unity with the natural world.

Fairies are benign spirits who can speak to you, if you can reawaken your childhood self and recapture the sense of awe and wonder that we lose as adults. Only then can you approach the fairy realm and become the friend of fairy folk.

This is a complete guide to finding and meeting fairies, explaining the most favourable days and times for meeting the fairies, the tests you will experience, the most likely places to search and the best way to win the goodwill of these elemental beings. Once our feelings are attuned, we can again learn the fairy lore of magic and herbal medicine and use these skills to restore the world.

With a wealth of colour illustrations of Victorian fairy paintings, this book will show you the way back to fairyland.