Growing a Business (Epub)


Everything you need to know about the challenges and opportunities of growing a business

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Business growth is a clear goal for ambitious entrepreneurs and leaders. It's often a short hand for business – and wider economic – success. But it's not without its pitfalls and challenges, and planning for, and managing, a growing business needs careful thought.
Take, for example, the start-up facing for the first time the need to balance flexibility with more structure. Or a larger business tackling a range of divisions evolving at different speeds. Or an inspirational owner-founder confronting the need to step back and let others take the business forward.
These are the kinds of challenges that Growing a Business tackles head-on. Drawing on a wide range of models and research, and using case studies from across the business world, it offers practical advice and guidance on a whole range of topics, including:
– the different types and stages of growth;
– predicting the problems presented by growth;
– identifying growth triggers – and barriers;
– the implications of growth: financially, culturally and for the people involved in the business.

Growing a Business is required reading for owners and managers looking to understand and foster growth in their businesses.

An Economist Book, published in association with the Economist.