How Toddlers Thrive (Digital Audio, MP3)


How to understand and parent your toddler to ensure they grow up to be fulfilled adults

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'This book is really helping us. I recommend it!' Amy Schumer

Why do some children thrive and others struggle?

Leading toddler expert Dr Tovah P. Klein reveals why age two to five is the most crucial time for a child's brain development and how parents can harness this period to have a lifelong positive effect on their children's lives.

Based on extensive research with toddlers, How Toddlers Thrive explains what is happening in children's brains and bodies at this age that makes their behaviour so turbulent, and why your reaction to their behaviour – the way you speak to, speak about and act towards your toddler – holds the key to a successful tomorrow and a happier today.

With chapters on everyday routines, tantrums, managing change and avoiding toddler shaming, this smart and useful guide will inspire you to be a better parent.