Infinite Life ()


What if life were not merely meaningful, but had enormous repercussions? How would we approach life differently? A Buddhist considers these questions and more.

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Robert Thurman asks us to examine our assumptions about life and death, and to consider the possibility that our lives are not only meaningful, but that they have an enormous impact.

He asks the reader to consider that if we have an infinite future and past, and we are evolving over infinite time then every action in our lives has infinite consequences for ourselves and others. Every choice we make has an eternal impact. We must live with this immortality now, by taking responsibility in the present for our actions and their effects. Balanced against this responsibility is the opportunity for a life of infinite joy, of infinite connection with others and the infinite power to do good.
Following the teachings of the Buddha, Infinite Life introduces seven Buddhist virtues for cultivating the positive in our lives. Robert Thurman teaches the reader to let go of a rigid sense of 'self' and to fully experience full satisfaction with ourselves, the people who surround us and contribute meaningfully to the world.

In Infinite Life Robert Thurman turns Buddhist teachings into a fascinating new way of thinking, living and meditating that might do more to save the world than any political act, empowering those who wish to use their spirituality to create change.