Led By The Nose (Epub)


The unusual, remarkable memoir of a treasured British poet: Jenny Joseph, author of Warning: When I am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple, presents a year in her garden – twelve months of musings, wisdom and scents

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Jenny Joseph was no ordinary poet – and Led by the Nose is no ordinary memoir. Shaped around the smells of the English countryside, it is full of the wilful personality and the sly humour that characterised the purple-clad old woman in her icon poem 'Warning'. Joseph's eccentricities permeate each chapter as she flows through the gardening year with its chores and blossoms, frequently leading the reader off the garden path to stop, smell the roses, and ignore the world for a while.

Full of the sensual awareness of Jenny Joseph's poetry, Led by the Nose is a singular memoir: a work of delicious diversion and literary flair, horticultural anxieties and countercultural tendencies, providing a glimpse – or sniff – of the landscape of this treasured poet's life.