Manage Your Pain (Epub)

Expert advice on living with chronic pain from specialist doctors and nurses

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Chronic pain is a silent epidemic, with one in five people suffering in their day-to-day life.

An indispensible guide to understanding why your pain persists, what is going on inside your body and the symptoms that pain triggers, Manage Your Pain presents possible medical treatments and guides you through practical exercises for daily life. Dr Nicholas and Dr Molloy's strategies make it possible to set short and long term goals that will minimise the impact of pain on both work and leisure. In short, this book offers clarity and control.

– Draws on the authors' extensive experience and the latest research
– Clearly explains the causes of pain
– Offers positive and practical ways to minimise the impact of pain
– Revised and updated
– Includes a chapter on pain management for older people

Highly qualified and experienced medical professionals who specialise in pain management, the authors of this book offer complementary specialisms, ensuring that the widest range of treatments are covered.