Managing Finance (Epub)


A non-specialist practical guide to managing money, in the highly acclaimed Checklist Series from the Chartered Management Institute.

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The checklists in Managing Finance focus on the financial side of running a business. Aimed at non-specialists, they are designed to help managers keep on top of their financial management responsibilities, advising them on how to interpret financial accounts and reports, budget and forecast, manage and monitor finances and make the right financial decisions.

The guide covers a range of topics, including:
* Company accounts and ratios
* Budgeting
* Working capital
* Credit and debt control
* Cash flow
* Investment appraisal
* Pricing and purchasing

Included among the essential checklists are profiles of leading management thinkers on key topics.

The action-oriented checklists include sample account formats and layouts, ratios and data sheets to help you master the crucial skills you need to further your career as a manager.

The Checklist Series: step by step guides to getting it right.